Breathe Bike Trek

Originally scheduled for mid-September but postponed because of the Mosquito Fire, the annual Breathe Bike Trek happened this morning. Quite a few people couldn’t make it today which left a last-minute opportunity for Leo to ride. The Good Jibes team: Mellissa, Leo and I rode the 34-mile medium route together which was good because it was easy to miss a turn and then Mellissa got a flat tire about 2 miles from the end. I rode back to the start and drove back to pick her up.

At lunch after the ride. Sue Schooley, me, Sue Teranishi, Mellissa Meng.

Big applause to Mellissa who rode a regular bike and climbed 1500+ feet today in the foothills around Loomis, Newcastle and Penryn. Leo and I rode e-bikes .. climbing was not a problem.

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