WaCo workshop

This morning, I met Robert and Deb at Drake’s – the Barn in W Sacramento.

We met the future residents of Washington Commons Co-housing. Some of them were meeting each other for the first time. WaCo is a business sponsor of SABA. Robert provided a safety check for all the bicycles. I some basic bicycling principles: ABCQuck Check, Rules of the Road, Group riding and Trail Etiquette.

Then we went for a ride, about 5 miles on the Sacramento River Bike Trail to Miller Park and back to the location of the future 4-story building at 4th & G Streets in W Sacramento.

Check this blog post again. I know there are more pictures out there and I hope to post more as they get to me. Fun day.

University Town Loop

From Old Sac,

we took H St then M St to Sac State. At the alumni center in front of a sculpture called Brazen: (standing) Kathy, Dani, Cheryl, (seated) Barbara, Jonathan.

We crossed the Guy West Bridge

turned left and rode the American River Parkway back. 30 miles! And we didn’t get rained on. Based on my constant viewing of Doppler radar on my weather app, I was certain that would happen. Happy to be wrong! Jonathan shared the following picture:

Midtown Farmer Market

We left at 10 am and rode into Midtown to 20th St between J & K.

Lots of people and ALL wearing masks. Amal went shopping while Jonathan, Cheryl and I watched the bikes.

This large group came by going about twice the speed we generally ride. We were on the bike trail, they were on the Garden Highway near I-5.

Amal’s fresh veggies got home safely. 20 miles today!

Bike rides this week

Saturday: many loops in the neighborhood. There were five rides offered all starting at Red Sea & Hovnanian. The first was 2.5 miles, then came a two 4-mile rides and two 6-mile rides. Total = 23 miles. The pace was slower and riders could stop when they wanted. One of our rides had 6 riders!

Cindy, Carmen, Ofelia, Cheryl

Sunday: American River Bike Trail, 20 miles out-and-back. We rode to Discovery Park and “turned left” onto the trail. Turning right takes you to Old Sac. This was fun with a group of very strong riders. In this picture, we’d ridden past the trail exit (up and over the levee) to Costco/REI to the curve as the trails goes under I-80 – our turn-around point.

Kathy, Carmen, Cindy, Dani, Cheryl, Jane, Barbara

Wednesday: Cherry Island Golf and Soccer = 29 miles. A new route for our riding group. We rode down Del Paso Rd to the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail going north toward Rio Linda. The Dry Creek Parkway Trail took us behind Cherry Island Golf Course to U Street and the Cherry Island Soccer Fields.

Standing: Kathy, Cheryl, Barbara. Seated: Dani, Jonathan

Thursday: Tour d’Arlete = 15 miles.

Cheryl, Jonathan

Today: Around the Airport = 17 miles. We were lucky and didn’t get rained on!

Dani, Jane, Kathy, Barbara, Cheryl, Jonathan

Just so you don’t think we slacked off on Monday and Tuesday: 25-mph north winds, gusting to 40, meant no bike riding. Total this week = 104 miles.

Lights On!

I went to help the SABA team hand out free front and rear bike lights at the corner of 39th and T Streets. This was the most successful Lights On give-away that I’ve been to. Many bicyclists already had great lighting on their bikes which was really nice to see. Robert set up on one corner,

Alex set up on another corner.

Better on Bikes this week

The first to ride 400 miles, Cheryl:

Monday: Around Hansen Ranch Park = 25 miles. Kathy, Cheryl, Jonathan, Pat, and Dani on the recumbent:

Sacramento Northern Bike Trail near Elkhorn Blvd

Wednesday: Around the airport = 17 miles. Cindy, Kathy, and Cheryl:

Power Line Rd over-crossing of I-5

Thursday: To Trek Bicycle = 22 miles. This was fun, we all got to shop a bit, Dani got a quick fix to her stem – that’s great service – and the shop gave each of us a small hand sanitizer which easily attaches to the handlebars.

2419 K St, Sacramento

We rode the R St bicycle over-crossing of I-5 to get back to Old Sac. Kathy, Barbara (also at 400 miles), Dani, Cheryl:

Discovery Park near Garden Hwy

Friday: Tour of North Natomas = 20 miles. The 3 major bike trails and a few smaller ones. Rod, Cindy, Cheryl, Dani, Kathy, Jane, Karen:

Jackrabbit Trail near Airport Rd

Go team! That’s a total of 84 miles in 4 rides.

Cherry on top

A week of great bike riding can only be topped by encouraging someone else. I met Aisha and Haris at Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen where Robert from SABA met us. Aisha applied to SABA’s Bike Match program for a bike for her son. Robert had two possibilities, I came to advise and carry the bike back to their home in N Natomas.

Next steps: I am going to teach Haris how to ride that bike. Keep your fingers crossed and send all good vibes our way!