Bike rides + year-end stats

On Wednesday, we rode 24 miles around Hansen Ranch Park. The farthest point is on the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail near Elkhorn Blvd at the location of “Wally”, a heritage walnut tree designated by the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

Leo, Carmen, Barbara

On New Year’s Eve, we rode a new loop through Land Park out to Sutterville Rd which turned out to be the longest ride of the year.

Kathy, Barbara

From November 12 to December 31, 22 different bike riders rode 3990 miles on 28 scheduled rides. I did all the rides and rode 444 miles. Among those riding the most often, Barbara rode 301 miles. Cheryl, Jonathan and Leo have 200+ miles. Dani, Kathy, and Jane have 100+ miles.

New Year’s Eve

Goodbye 2020. So glad it’s over.

Something decadent for dinner. Toasted slices of focaccia, gruyere cheese sauce, slices of ham, more sauce, more cheese. Bake. In the background, the hardest jigsaw puzzle (so far) of an arm putting together a jigsaw.

About 20 minutes later, cut into squares, and topped with a fried egg. Delicious! A variation of a croque madame, one of my favorite sandwiches.

Happy New Year! 2021 will be better.

Better on Bikes – round 2

To get the word out about the next round of classes, Jibe decided to place some 15-second (40 words max) ads on radio – local stations and Pandora, etc. and asked me to be “the voice.” I had an appointment at a recording studio on Tuesday morning.

Suggestion from the producer: “More enthusiasm even if you think you sound over the top. Like a teacher in front of her class first thing in the morning, she had a few cups of coffee and she LOVES her job.”

Nailed it. What a fun first-time experience!

Lots of bike rides

Friday December 18: Bannon Creek Parkway, two ways to get to Discovery Park.

There is a local street in N Natomas with excellent Christmas decorations – Rockmont Circle – today’s destination.

Tuesday December 22: 24 miles round-trip to the Sacramento Yacht Club (and Scott’s Seafood) almost all of it on a bike trail along the river.

Wednesday December 23: a few stops in alleys with murals created for Wide Open Walls 2020.

Thursday Christmas Eve: one more time, back to Rockmont Circle.

Saturday before Christmas

Usually this is the day to go to the BEST Christmas party of the season, right? And I went to two – 2020 style. #1: Four Season Westshore offered a free meal from Buckhorn Grill.

The best part was the champagne greeting – with an invitation to come back for refills!

I rode my bike to Party #2 at N Natomas Regional Park: it was a Bike Doc party given by Jibe. Because Bike Doc is sponsored through SABA and I was the receptionist several times, yay, I was invited.

Making lemonade

Covid-19 is worse and there isn’t a lot for a person to do. Outdoor activities, however, are encouraged which means … lots of bike riding. Thank goodness.

Wed Dec 9: 7 of us rode to E Levee Rd for a winter view of Hansen Ranch Park. The loop that I’d planned ended at this point on the levee improvement project (a sign would have been nice), we turned around and rode back to Sorento Rd.

A very good ride! 18 miles total.

Fri Dec 11: 8 of us rode a route called Tour of N Natomas. All the major bike trails are included – Jackrabbit, Redbud, and Fisherman’s Lake Parkway – plus N Natomas Regional Park. Our longest group ride yet – 21 miles.

Mon Dec 14: 8 of us rode to Old Sac, then crossed the Tower Bridge to explore the Riverwalk going in one direction and the Riverwalk Trail going in the other direction (south) which ends here. The word WEST swivels 180 degrees by the way.

Wed Dec 16: 3 of us rode 4 cold miles to see the 12 homes on the Four Seasons Westshore Christmas lights tour. Our last stop was at Kirk and Holly’s on Crete Island Lane.

Today: 3 of us rode around Hansen Ranch Park to the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail and home. 24 miles! Woo-hoo!

Making the best out of difficult times.

Lights On!

This SABA program gives away front and rear bike lights to anyone riding a bike (or scooter, even a pedestrian walking with her children). The pop-up stations show up in various high-bicycle-traffic areas in every Sacramento City council district. Today it was in S Natomas on W El Camino Ave at Ninos Parkway. Two friends volunteered to join me. We met Robert from SABA at 4:30.

We gave away several sets, but there was very little bicycle traffic so we called it quits after an hour. Thank you Barbara and Lorraine for coming out to help.