Walnut gathering

Justin had the trees shaken a few days ago. There was a dry north wind (bad for fires, good for walnuts on the ground) with no chance of rain so Mother Nature dried the walnuts this year. Hurray! Justin made a nice arrangement of tools for me on the lawn. We weren’t sure which would be the best. I ended up using just the metal rake and a dustpan.
One tree raked and bagged, 14 to go.
Almost half the trees are done. 25 bags today. Using a dustpan to scoop up the raked walnuts means there will be debris to deal with.
My vehicle is full!
Oops! Slow down on those turns, girl!

Volleyball and soccer

This afternoon I tried to go to Sophia’s championship volleyball game but there was a brush fire which closed the freeway about a mile from my house. All the traffic was diverted onto local streets – it was awful. 20 minutes to go one mile. I gave up, went home and tried a new pretzel recipe – a definite success!
Sophia’s team won. Thais sent me this picture:

Soccer on Saturday

Thais took Carson to gymnastics, Lenin took Sophia to a volleyball event, and I got to watch Avery play a great soccer game. Avery took the ball to the goal 4 (of the 5 total drives) and scored once.

He told me he has a “really good juke.”

Walnut harvest

While I was away, Justin gathered walnuts for me (thank you!) and sent me a picture.

The last pile after 4 hours of raking and gathering. 10 1/2 bags!
I weighed everything and now it’s time to start the drying rotation.

Total so far = 239 pounds