Celebrating Mike Clark

Adrienne’s husband passed away on December 8. Today was his celebration of life.
Adrienne and her children, Alyson and Adam, did a great job!DSC00220
Great food, wonderful stories, lots of tears and laughter, seeing family and friends again – but most of all, hearing how loved and respected Mike was in every aspect of his life.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

At the Sacramento Convention Center:
I volunteered to do the Bike Valet for SABA (Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates) – free secure bicycle parking inside the Convention Center.
Bicycles were checked in, tagged and set on racks in numerical order.
Over 1000 bicycles were parked over the 3-day show!DSC00151
As a thank-you for volunteering, after a shift was completed, the volunteer was able to see the show.DSC00152
Who knew there were so many companies, both large and small, plus many individuals who make bicycles by hand.DSC00153
Mavic from France, not a bicycle-maker, but a company that specializes in servicing racing teams around the world. DSC00154
A few of my favorites.DSC00155
A bicycle-carrying rack for motorcycles:
A wooden bicycle from Germany:
Bicycle for two with sun canopy:
Biwakoguma Bicycles, handmade in Japan. The artist is also the builder:
The paint job was amazing. I hope the gold leaf shows up in the photo.
And finally, a 9.9 pound bicycle. You could have one just like it for a mere $13,000.

Youth Bike Safety Education

Shane MacRhodes was in town. Shane runs the Safe Routes to School program in Eugene and is a co-founder of Kidical Mass. Last night he met with local LCIs at the Bicycle Kitchen in Sacramento. Tonight he presented the latest best teaching techniques at North Natomas TMA to a group of experienced LCIs plus a few rookie-LCIs.

RLEHS Sunday Social

Excellent speakers this month: Paul & Susan Hanks of Hank’s Hens. The have a 2-acre farm in Rio Linda and are custom growers for Sacramento restaurants. All the eggs from their flock of 100 chickens are contracted. DSC00127
The Throwdown featured lemons. Allie Brown was the winner this month with Lemon Cheesecake with Berry Glaze.

L-R: Arlete, Allie, Catherine

L-R: Arlete, Allie, Catherine

At the last minute, I decided to make Little Lemon Drops. Once the mini-cupcakes were out of the pan and cooled, a lemony sugar syrup was poured over. DSC00126

Avery at gymnastics

When Avery spotted me as he was maneuvering out of the foam pit, “Hi Grandma! The pigs are dead!” That got a few heads to turn in our direction. Avery was probably thinking about Uncle Justin’s pigs that do get butchered once a year, usually in October. DSC00123