CELDT testing ends

Jeanne and I worked at Morey on Monday then moved on to Regency Park – one of my favorite schools because I usually teach Project Ride Smart here in May/June. On Tuesday, we were joined by Georgene Cooper, Rich Schmidt,DSC03055and Val Sills.DSC03056Two of my favorite fifth grade teachers, Jim Young and Joni O’Connor (I taught Joni’s son Shawn at Westside Charter School):DSC03060Yesterday I met Mr Young’s class and challenged them to remember my name until next May for Project Ride Smart. Today, every once in a while I heard someone say, “Hi Miss Arlete.” Then after recess, the whole class called out, so proud they still remembered. Smiles all around!DSC03062DSC03063This week I learned the Punjabi word for elbow is pronounced “COH-nee.”

Avery’s soccer practice

To be perfectly clear, I do not like trying to put soccer socks on Avery. They are super tight and there’s a hard shell which covers the front of the calf.DSC03043 DSC03046A few big gulps of water then he runs back, always the first one ready for practice to resume.DSC03050DSC03045Meanwhile …DSC03051

Coffee with friends

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to get together, so today was great for catching up. Linda and Adrienne:DSC03021And thanks to certain blog followers who ask about friends not seen in the blog for a while. Although you’ve never met, there is still a friendship connection!

Sophia and Avery

More fun after work this week. I got to watch Sophia and Avery after school every day (except Tuesday) until Thais or Lenin got home. A couple of days, cousin Lauren was with us also! Sophia taught me how to fish.DSC02961
I successfully caught a Sophiafish, but my pole broke when I tried to reel her in.DSC02962
Some days, Carter doesn’t even hear me come in. Usually he’s sound asleep somewhere in the house.DSC02971
Front flips on the couch – enough to make a grandmother’s heart flutter!DSC02975
Avery is very interested in dinosaurs and watches dinosaur battles on the iPad a lot.DSC02979Yay! Mom and Carson are home.DSC02983DSC02990Soccer practice happens two days/week.DSC03000DSC03010Meanwhile, Sophia went over to a row of trees and picked up a t-shirt-full of “chalk rocks”. She said it was a “second grade thing.” She took all the rocks to a farther-away location, dropped them on the ground,DSC02996and covered them up with pine needles.DSC02997She is now the only second grader who knows where the secret stash is. Time for Sophia’s practice.DSC03015DSC03018

CELDT testing

This week, we were at Allison SchoolDSC02956where I got to visit with Esther Sullivan who was the secretary at Sierra View when I taught there. She’s retired but fills in as a sub when needed. My team of testers is just me and Jeanne McClaren.

L-R: Jeanne, Esther

L-R: Jeanne, Esther

Jeanne and I were also at Morey Ave which is only preschool, Head Start, and kindergarten. DSC02995My testing space was just on the other side of a half wall from the “cafeteria.” No testing during this time for sure!DSC02993Quote of the week, overheard as a teacher was taking her class out for recess. “Children, remember you many not go in the bathroom stall, lock the door, and crawl underneath the door to get out.”

RLEHS Sunday Social

This month was the annual ice cream social.DSC02932The speaker was Stephanie Davis, a very successful 4-H participant. DSC02936DSC02937Allie falling in love with a pygmy goat:DSC02944The Throwdown key ingredient was tomatoes. Catherine Green was the winner with Tomato Bread.

Allie, Catherine, Arlete

Allie, Catherine, Arlete

This was my Tomato Tart #2, NOT a winner with a very soggy crust.DSC02925

Thursday at Merrilyn’s

These get-togethers are always fun. In two hours, we can never quite cover every important topic. Another round of good food. I made a tomato tart to practice for the next Throwdown. Merrilyn made a terrific frittata and Phyl made a carrot cake for dessert. DSC02899

Sophia and Avery

School started and car-pooling schedules with after-school sports and various other activities have created a need for another driver – hurray! – that will be me! On Tuesday, Avery had soccer practice, his first team sport experience.DSC02895On Thursday, it was Back to School Night for Mom and Dad.DSC02906