Your bike rides this week

Monday May 22. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl.

Lillie, Rachel, Agueda, Brenda:

Tuesday May 23. Tony and Maria:

Brenda, Christa, Agueda, Coletha, BarbaraL, me, Jade, Elaine:

Thursday May 25. Brenda and Rachel:

Friday May 26. A big group rode the 30-mile Sac State loop. Brenda, me, Agueda, Kathy, Jane, Rich, Rosalyn, BarbaraL (Dani on her trike is hidden):

Saturday May 27. Kathy, Maria, Dani, BarbaraL, Sheila:

Rachel and Brenda:

Meeting more bicycling friends for lunch. Brenda with “white t-shirt guy”, Rima, David, and Rafer:

MiBM celebration ride

Three separate groups met at Peregrine Park .. in the shade.

16 riders – the biggest group I’ve ever led. Thankfully, there were many who had taken a Jibe class with me and I encouraged them to give group riding tips when needed.

Starting out, the bridge over a creek,

and then up and over I-80.

Bike path along Garden Highway almost to Discovery Park.

Crossing the Tower Bridge over the Sacramento River, taking the lane.

There was a huge party at Bike Dog Brewing in W Sacramento sponsored by SABA and REI to celebrate the closing days of May is Bike Month.

Thank you REI for buying all REI members (me) a beer.

Gina – friend. fellow LCI, and the designer and creator for Gadget Girl Goods:

Time to head back.

On the boardwalk in Old Sacramento. 8 miles to go.

Great ride. We made some new friends, had a great time and rode 25 miles.

Your bike rides this week

Monday May 15.

Tuesday May 16. Rachel:

Dani, Kathy, Cheryl:

Wednesday May 17. Terri’s bike at Teal Bend:

Thursday May 18. Minerva took this picture of Rachel and Agueda:

Friday May 19. A ride to Farm & Tractor Days in Rio Linda. Brenda, Kathy, and Cheryl:

Riding home on the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail.

Saturday May 20. Maria and Tony:

Baseball game

There was some extra celebration because the Brewers were down by several runs but came back in bottom of the 9th inning to win by one run.

Carson got the game ball because in the previous game, he was “hit in the noggin.” By this game, he was ready to play pitcher again (standing beside the pitching machine) and his head only hurt when he raised his eyebrows.

Pedal Up Natomas – meeting 1

Two weeks ago, we were rained out so today was our first class. We met at Inderkum High School. Lennore, Brenda and Terri volunteered to help today. All of these pictures were taken by Lennore or Brenda (therefore you will see more of me than usual).

A few bike handling drills just to make sure everyone is street-ready.

We practiced doubling up, communicating and leaving limit line at the same time.

On-street instruction to prepare for individual left turns.

Great job everyone!

The Bicycle Nomad

Many people rode their bikes to REI for a presentation by Erick Cedeno.

Erick Cedeno has bicycle-toured from Vancouver BC to Tijuana MX, followed the Underground Railroad from New Orleans to Niagara Falls, and followed the trail of two bicycle expeditions by the USArmy in 1896 and 1897 by 20 black soldiers from Fort Missoula to St Louis. A very interesting presentation.