Project Ride Smart

at H Allen Hight, week 2. Monday. The fleet of 40 bicycles is stored in a shipping container – out every morning and jigsaw-puzzled back five hours later.

Tuesday. First day of street rides. I had the green group. In the back, Pierson and Becky who are training to teach Project Ride Smart.

Wednesday. Day 2 street ride. Charlie leading the green group:

Thursday. Last day of instruction and day 3 street ride. Mellissa leading a right turn at an uncontrolled intersection.

Safe travels

Time for Phyl to travel south to visit her sister in Bakersfield – by train.

This was the pre-dawn start to my busiest day of May-is-Bike-Month. Ahead: Project Ride Smart at H Allen Hight all morning, Westlake Bike Club in hottest part of the afternoon, and Zoom meeting #5 for Better on Bikes in the evening. Friday will be a complete day off – hurray!

Not Th@M

A favorite monthly activity for a few years was Thursday @ Merrilyn’s with Phyllis until … Phyl moved to Montana 5 years ago. Phyl arrived last Thursday to visit friends and family. This afternoon, Merrilyn came to my house for a visit – longtime friends catching up!

Office Hours

Although it was quite warm this afternoon, four members of the current Better on Bikes class came to Office Hours. Brenda, Lennore, Terri, Tracy-with her new bike just purchased this morning at Bike Swap.”

Bike Swap

This 3-day event began on Friday afternoon at the N Natomas Aquatic Center.

People could donate their bike(s) to a good cause or consign them for sale. If a bike was donated, professional mechanics made the bike rideable and safe. If that wasn’t possible, the Sacramento Bike Kitchen accepted the bike.

From 4-7:00 pm, about 100 bikes had been processed and stored in the ballroom.

Saturday morning from 10-2, more bikes were accepted. William and Mellissa were part of the Jibe team who organized this first-time event:

Over 200 bikes of all types ready for sale Sunday morning:

Sunday morning bike sale. The early crew arrived at 6 am to set up the parking lot and move the bikes from the ballroom of the to organized spaces in the parking lot.

A small crowd lined up for the 9 am opening, they got the best selection:

It was a rather warm day as the shopping continued. Around 11 am, the shoppers thinned out … time to SLASH prices.

Although the sale continued until 2 pm, I left early to get ready for Office Hours.

Country Centre 4-H

Saturday afternoon at Two Rivers School. The next-to-last Bicycle Project meeting.

Jason, Katherine, Whitney, Luke, me, Sarah, Emma, Jeanne, Kenzie

Sarah and Emma (age 6) arrived at the first meeting using training wheels which they soon gave up. They are now among the top riders in the group. We did our first street ride, about 3.5 miles.

Project Ride Smart

Tuesday at H Al. Pierson, interning as an LCI, taught Tuesday’s in-class lesson.

Wednesday. Transitioning to outside blacktop drills:


Friday. I’m about to demonstrate the blacktop drills for the day while Deanna explains the skills each student will practice.