Virginia Capital Trail

We started in Jamestown at MM 0 and rode eastward toward Charles City.

Every wine bottle is unique and can be seen from inside and outside the structure:

Where the Chickahominy River enters the James River, there’s a bridge … with a steep climb … we turned around at about MM 7.

We decided to add a few miles by exploring around the Jamestown Settlement.

We found a picnic table, put together our lunch, rested, and decided we had ridden enough miles (and those sore body parts from yesterday were grateful). 17 miles!

Virginia Capital Trail

This 52-mile trail goes from the first capital of Virginia in Jamestown to the current capital in Richmond. Today we started in the middle at Charles City and rode west toward Richmond from Mile Marker 20 – MM 40 at Four Mile Creek Park. Twelve more miles to Richmond, but it gets quite hilly. Today’s ride was hilly enough.

Our turn-around point was at Four Mile Creek Park where we rested for about 30 minutes, ate our lunch and visited with a couple from Alexandria who were riding the entire trail, but in shorter segments over a few days.

Somewhere in the distance in Shirley Plantation. There were several plantations along our route.

Back at Charles City. 40 miles complete – the longest ride for both of us so far this year. Yes, a few body parts are sore and a very good night’s sleep is ahead.

Chickahominy Lake

Yesterday we drove about 100 miles to Lanexa VA to Rockahock Campground along Chickahominy Lake which is also a river.

We’re eating really well. Bille made delicious sugar snap peas and tuna steaks last night.

Honah Lee Vineyards

This is our first Harvest Hosts stop, just 4 miles from Gordonsville VA.

We did a wine tasting:

We drove into Gordonsville. The town hall:

Some really cute shops for about 2 blocks on this side of the street:

An easy and delicious dinner – takeout from the BBQ Exchange:

Luray Caverns

The largest caverns in the eastern US and well worth seeing.

Dream Lake, a perfect mirror image of the ceiling, the deepest part is 18-20 inches:

There were no stairs to climb in these caverns and you were able to get really close to the formations. No touching allowed!

Two stalagmites were accidentally sheared during the enlargement of this tunnel and the result was .. Fried Eggs:

Blue Ridge Winnie’s April Campout

There are 12 rigs here at Outlander’s River Camp, all from an RV group called Blue Ridge Winnie’s.

Billie has been a member for over a year, then winter and the pandemic meant many canceled events. This is Billie’s fifth campout with this group since last August so she’s made some good friends and she doesn’t know when she will see them again. Tonight was a potluck – Italian food.

Your bike rides this week

Ingrid at Heritage Oak Grove:

Jean Marie near Peregrine Park:

Barbara took this picture of Dani, Cheryl, and Leo at the Guy West Bridge:

Cheryl repeated the Tour of W Sacramento ride from March 20 with Dani, Kathy and Jane:

Today, Cheryl, Dani, and Kathy rode to Cherry Island:

Go team!


This afternoon we went up the road to Cooter’s to listen to some country music. Remember Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard?

Ben Lewis played the part of Cooter Davenport in the Dukes of Hazzard, a popular television show that ran from 1979-1985. Justin is a fan, he probably watched it from ages 4-10. Ben Lewis was also in the US House of Representatives from 1989-1993. He will be 80 years old in August.

The music was really good. Every band member was great. Cooter came out for about an hour, sang and told stories.

Hawksbill Greenway

A 2-mile trail that makes for a very good 4-mile walk or a very short bike ride. We started in the middle and walked each direction. Ahead is Main St in Luray:

Quite a few trout fishermen. The creek is stocked. In fact, tomorrow is the Youth Trout Fishing Derby.

On the other side of Main St, the path ended in a loop around a cow pasture.

WaCo blog post

I’ve been receiving the Washington Commons Co-housing newsletter since my first presentation for them at the end of January. Then I did a tour of W Sacramento, with Barbara and Cheryl as sweeps, on March 20. Here is a link to a blog post about that event: