Capitol Yards

This afternoon, I did a one-hour bicycle safety presentation for SABA at Capitol Yards,

a beautiful condo complex in W Sacramento just across the Tower Bridge and across from Raley Field.

Claudine Schneider, Transportation Program Coordinator, introduced me:

And I got to wear my new t-shirt!

Claudine sent me this picture:

Avery and Carson

Avery came over for a couple of hours this afternoon. We played Hide and Seek for quite a while. They soon discovered I’m not a good hider and too easy to find. I think Carson likes it the best when Avery hides and he runs around looking for him, I get to follow and make suggestions. Avery has some ingenious hiding places, he can squeeze into small spaces. They are both into wrestling and play fighting ..

Sandy Thomas

My favorite art along the Jackrabbit Trail during the month of July was by Sandy Thomas. I reached out to her to see if I could buy copies of her two pieces. Today, she delivered them to me and we had the best conversation when we met in front of the North Natomas Library. We each took selfies.

Then I received another amazing gift from her. Sandy is also a poet:

Sandy, it was so good to meet you and thank you so much for the poems!

Back to school

Sophia, Avery and Carson are all in school at home. Sophia does great working in her room. Avery has a desk in the office and wears headphones. Carson is in TK and benefits from some guidance. The morning prayer:



Practicing basic multiplication facts, I’m in charge of the stopwatch:


There are 43 completed … so far. A few of them have had their spider legs soaked with glue, others dipped in liquid starch. I’m experimenting with the best way to stiffen.

Bike Doc

In N Natomas, Jibe provides residents access to Bike Doc on Saturdays at the Natomas Farmers Market.

Bike Doc mechanics complete basic repairs and troubleshoot problems based on common issues and conditions. Jibe contracts with SABA to provide the service. This morning I was the receptionist receiving the bikes, tagging them, and keeping the paperwork in order.

Deb and Glenn, the lead mechanic

Two bubbly friendly sharks (looks way too hot to me):

The last bikes arrived at 11:20 and by noon, I was wilting in the heat – already 100 degrees. Time to go home.