Justin came to Thais & Lenin’s for a quick food exchange.

Someone liked the homemade whipped cream way more than the pie that went underneath it:

We played Ravine, a game of survival. Carson was the card shuffler and distributor of cards. Below, I think I had drawn a madness card which required me to throw my cards in the air and shriek. OMG, Grandma had gone crazy, at least until someone figured out how to make me stop. Believe me, everyone was interested in a quick solution.

Meanwhile in other parts of the country, people got together by texting message and pictures. Dave and Phyl in Montana:

Carol and Jerry in Bakersfield CA:

Saturday celebration

To celebrate the end of Better on Bikes, Jibe organized a get-together at Blackbird Park – a recently opened park next to Four Seasons Westshore. Mellissa demonstrated how to change a flat tire.

Mellissa hoped there would be enough time for everyone to pair up and change a tire on one bike. But lunch arrived – time to eat. One diligent student, Lorraine, did indeed change the tube in her tire with a bit of coaching along the way.

See the orange fanny pack on the table behind Lorraine. Every Better on Bikes participant received one filled with more goodies as a thank-you for participating.

me, Becky, William, Mellissa

Better on Bikes – the end

Tonight was the final Zoom class – whew! Done. You might be able to tell from this picture what might be coming next. Yes, I had a glass of champagne after the final sign-off at about 7 pm. Yes, my sewing machine sits nearby on the floor ready to finish the next sewing project.

Our Zoom moderator, William took this group photo:

Bike rides

Last Thursday, Barbara and I went for a 9-mile ride to check out the new trail which isn’t quite finished.

Today Leo and I went for 19-mile ride to the end of Jackrabbit Trail plus a few added loops through parks and other trails.

Barbara and Leo are Better on Bikes participants who asked for one-on-one rides that also come with a bit of coaching from me.

Office hours

This was the final Sunday office hours for Better on Bikes. Today we practiced a major bike route through the neighborhoods between Arena Blvd and San Juan Rd – if you want to get to the other side of I-5 or ride into Sacramento, you must use these streets.

Bike ride

One of the Better on Bikes participants asked for a one-on-one ride. Barbara and I had a nice 9-mile ride which was actually a pre-ride for a bike trail ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov 20. We discovered there’s still work to be done.