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  1. We just sat down to a meal of chicken and spaghetti and waymon said that every time we have this I think ofdick and arletelouise when we met them with john and Shirley in Nova Scotia when we cane back from Newfoundland and they were ridingpg bicycles and we invited them to lunch. How are you.i see yay have anew blog. I followed you to Hawaii and dicks heart problems and then I list contact. Would love to hear from you and get an update. Barbara Wittman at waywitt@aol.com.

  2. Hello Barbara, Oh I remember that dinner! So delicious and something we could never concoct while bicycle touring. I also want to thank you for driving us to the Fortress of Louisbourg – another experience we wouldn’t have had without the kindness of strangers, who then became friends. In addition to your company and a good meal, I also remember the beautiful and unexpected fireplace in your Airstream. Wonderful memories. Great to hear from you!

  3. Hi ladies, I’m not sure if this us where to leave a comment but I’ll try it out. I’m enjoying all,the beautiful photos and the food looks amazing! The weather appears to be holding out for your tours and activities. I check the blog in the morning here, to see what you two have been up to. Keep on having fun! Cheers cuz marie

  4. Hello,
    Still “cruising” with you ladies! Enjoying the scenery and your dialog. Looks like the weather has improved and the best news is, not having to change boats! Trip to Stanford was a good one! It might be about 19 here tonite! There goes the garden!
    Cheers cuz m

  5. So I tried finding ways of getting a hold of you, to let you know that your family was right all along. I’m not sure if you knew something or were doing it blindly, but I am not a Hodel. My dad wasn’t your brother Doug even though I share his name, but in fact Larry Harrison, Bob Harrison’s little brother.

    They are a beautiful accepting family and I couldn’t be happier.

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