Your bike rides this week

Tuesday September 21. Cindy and Barbara:

Wednesday September 22. I rode with Jon:

Thursday September 23. Amal and I rode downtown to see 14 of the 2021 Wide Open Walls murals. At our first stop on C Street, a photographer asked Amal to pose in front of this one.

Friday September 24. I rode with Rupert, Jeorgianna, and Jon:


After Avery’s soccer game, I drove to Lucille’s Smokehouse in Rocklin and picked up dinner for two!

Better than sitting in a crowded restaurant, picking up dinner, cocktails and dessert included, and sharing my birthday with a good friend is the best. Thanks Adrienne!

Wide Open Walls

Today I volunteered as an “art ambassador” for Wide Open Walls. I followed a route and checked in with the artists to see if they needed anything. Emily Ding:

Kosono Okina:

Patrick “Kane” McGregor:

Ana Valentine:

The best part is still coming. Going back later to see the finished murals.