Office Hours

Cindy and I planned to ride over to Inderkum High School for Office Hours and meet other Better on Bikes II participants. There are more people from the east side of I-5 so this time, the parking lot at Inderkum HS was a better choice. However, I got a flat tire about a mile from home. We came up with a quick plan: Cindy would ride back and get my vehicle with bike rack. As she rode away, here came Kathy who has changed a few flat tires in her lifetime. She used to be a bike racer. She was fast. In fact, her goal was to have it fixed and the bike put back together before Cindy got back. As it turned out, the tire never would hold air. Time for a new tube. Only later, was the nail in the tire discovered – should have checked for that.

We got to Office Hours on time and had a great session with Cindy, Kathy, Theresa, Ginger, and Terry. And Cindy loaned me her ebike for the short ride we did.

Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

Merrilyn is totally vaccinated and I’m halfway there so we “risked” it and got together for a visit. We were both in veggie mode. Toasted walnut hummus with pita crackers and raw vegetables and – a favorite recipe of Phyllis – Veggie Bars.

Bike rides

On Valentine’s Day, we rode to downtown Sacramento to check out the new Slow Streets closures on 26th St, O and V Sts. Katie Valenzuela, City Councilperson for this area and a few volunteers manned an information table near Sutter’s Fort. 23 miles round trip. Below – Carmen, Barbara, Cheryl, me, Jonathan, Katie, and a volunteer who gave us all boxes of candy hearts:

Tu Feb 16: Barbara, Cheryl, Pat and Jonathan rode to Miller Park and back. 20 miles.

Wed Feb 17, we rode the Bannon Creek Loop – 12 miles. Amal, Cindy, Cheryl, Jonathan:

Sat Feb 20, we rode to Rio Linda via the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail then cut over to the Dry Creek Parkway Trail to the end at the Cherry Island Soccer Fields. When we rode back, we took a bumpy dirt road past the Dry Creek Ranch House then Curved Bridge Rd to “downtown” Rio Linda before taking the Sac Northern home. 29 miles. Pat Cheryl, Jonathan, Jane, Barbara, Leo:


As we rode along the levee, just above the bike trail, the pelicans took a break from their feasting to check us out.

There must have been some good food down there because it didn’t take long for them to stick their heads back in the water.

Bike rides this week

Tuesday: University Town Loop, 28 miles. Crossing the Guy West Bridge: Jonathan, Barbara, Cheryl:

Wednesday: Around the airport, 21 miles. I didn’t go on this ride, Dani sent me this picture. Pat, Kathy, Cindy, Jane, Cheryl, Leo:

Thursday: Tour d’Arlete (minus one Arlete at Red Sea/Hovnanian. The light pole and banner are gone, replaced by a big orange cone), 15 miles. Jonathan took this picture of Barbara, Cheryl, me, Brian:

Friday: Land Park Loop, 25 miles. Kathy, Jane, Leo, Cheryl, Jonathan, Dani:

Saturday: Tour of N Natomas, 21 miles, followed by champagne and brownies! Cindy, Kathy, Barbara, Carmen, Pat, Jonathan, Jane, Leo, Cheryl:

Mellissa from Jibe was at the event promoting Wisdom Travels.

Bike rides this week

Wednesday: Bannon Creek Parkway loop, 13 miles. Amal, Cheryl, Pat, Leo, Jonathan.

Thursday: Tour d’Arlete, 15 miles. Leo, Cheryl, Kathy, Dani, Lorge.

Friday: to the northern terminus of the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail in Elverta. Cheryl, Kathy, Cindy, Barbara, Jonathan.

Saturday: Sacramento Northern Bike Trail from Del Paso to Discovery Park, 22 miles. Jonathan, Kathy, Jane, Cindy, Cheryl, Barbara.

Sunday. Three of us drove to the Amtrak Station and unloaded our bikes. Three others rode in from N Natomas for the ride. We rode the Sacramento River Trail to Freeport, crossed the bridge and rode back to W Sacramento on S River Rd and Village Parkway. 27 miles unless you were Dani and Kathy (43 miles) and Lorge (48 miles). Lorge, Cheryl, Jane, Dani, Kathy.

The narrow bridge at Freeport:

Another great week of rides. All rides totaled = 130 miles!

Perfect left turn!

The following sequence of pictures is a beautiful demonstration of a perfect left turn by 6 cyclists at a controlled intersection. They are lined up two-abreast taking up the entire lane. Everyone is in power pedal position, eyes on the traffic light and aware of traffic conditions around them.

As they move through the intersection, they begin merging to the right.

And smoothly end up in the bike lane. Big thanks to Pat, Cindy, Karen, Leo, Cheryl, Jonathan, and

the photographer (who pedaled one-handed and took cell phone pictures with the other – whew). Sooo proud of these Better on Bikes bicyclists! These pictures will definitely show up in the next round of Better on Bikes classes beginning in mid-February.