Alexander McQueen

Ann Ray photographed Alexander McQueen throughout his career. In the beginning, he couldn’t afford to pay her, they bartered photography for clothing. This exhibit, Rende-Vous, at the Crocker details the story of their professional relationship.

There was special area called the Dressing Room. Inside, there were several interactive activities, such as small-scale wooden models and clothes for children to create their own fashion statement. In the background, a few dress forms with clothes, hats, etc which children could try on then walk a very short runway and have their picture taken.

Carson and Terri playing a memory matching game for fabric patterns – ikat, plaid, stripe, houndstooth, quatrefoil, toile, etc.

Carson and Thais:

Projects completed

A clothesline and a bicycle in one embroidery design – I had to make this. And I was able to use a lot of scrap fabric to finish it.

Jim and Lucy asked if I could figure out how to make a bag for the right side of Jim’s wheelchair – something to hold his wallet, a remote control, a special pocket for his cell phone. It was a fun project to figure out and took 3 fittings to get it right. And I used more scraps.

It’s always nice to see where something landed. This is Abbey in Virginia with the 50 Bikes for 50 Kids quilt.

Your bike rides this week

Monday February 20. Minerva took this picture of Rosalyn, Brenda, Elaine, Lennore, me, Rachel, Tracy, Agueda, and Lillie.

Tuesday February 21. Maria and Tony:

A quick stop to chat with a friend from work. Nathan, Chris, Barbara:

Saturday February 25. Maria:

Yes, it was COLD. Me, Jim, Brenda, Lillie, Lennore, Rachel:

In February, a bicyclist can expect the first 70-degree days. We had one, barely. Now, at the end of the month, it’s cold and rainy. Good for California drought conditions but not so good for cycling.

Go Lady Hawks!

One of the ladies in our ride group, Agueda, has a daughter who teaches at Natomas High School and coaches the girls’ swim team. This week they had fundraisers at local restaurants. Today, four of us met for lunch at Mountain Mike’s Pizza to benefit the team. Agueda, Rachel and Brenda:

State of Downtown Breakfast

This event at the Convention Center by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership was a big deal. Some big-name speakers – Congresswoman Doris Matsui, Mayor Darrel Steinberg – but I came to hear Brent Toderian, City-Planner + Urbanist, an internationally-regarded “visionary” for cities of the future. Of note: he strongly promotes the inclusion and expansion of bikeways within cities.

The seating chart shows all the tables facing the stage at the top.

I was not seated at any of those tables and breakfast was not included. There was a nice bank of chairs at the back of the room – called the gallery.

Ride Ready Repair

Saturday afternoon at Hiram Johnson High School. A big school- and community-wide event.

I was so grateful Elaine and Terri volunteered to help out. It was quite busy at times. We took in about 30 bikes for repair and handed out free raffle tickets.

Baseball and basketball

Little League season is coming soon. Avery helped Carson and his friend Hudson get their gear ready for practice.

Immediately after, Carson had a basketball game:

At this level of beginning basketball, not every player is paying attention all the time which means a scoring opportunity for Carson. If he grabs a rebound or intercepts a pass, he will race down the court ahead of everyone and go for a lay-up which he usually makes.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday February 12. On today’s ride: me, Brenda, Rachel, Maria, Agueda, Yingce. Rachel on the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail:

Monday February 13. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl:

Minerva took this picture of Brenda and Agueda:


Wednesday February 15. Rachel, Brenda, Rosalyn:

Thursday February 16. Rachel and Brenda:

Friday February 17. Dani, Jane, Cheryl, Kathy:

The history of Sacramento in traffic lights. Minerva took this picture of me, Brenda, and Agueda:

Thanks you Coletha for organizing tonight’s Bike Party:

Saturday February 18. In Granite Bay at the beginning of the ride. Jonathan took this picture of Stacey, Michael, Dani, Kathy, Sheila, Yingce, and Cheryl:

Brenda, Jim, Tracy: