Thais and Lenin had everyone over for a chili dinner before going out to trick-or-treat. Before everyone got there, Avery showed me how Treasure X works. Step one: hold the block of “clay” under running water and count to 30.
Then dig using the tools to find all the parts to make a small figure.
Carson made it perfectly clear to his older sister that she was not invited to play bounce-the-back-and-forth with him and Grandma.
Salandin (a Pokemon snake-dragon character) demonstrates the power of his swinging tail:

At Spooktacular a few days earlier. Thais is Ladybird, and she got her sweater from Thrift Town.
Carson’s preschool walks around the block to trick-or-treat in the lobby of the State Department of Education:

Project Ride Smart

This was the 11th day of Project Ride Smart at Westlake Charter School. As it turned out, it was my last day of work. Last week I was fighting a cold but managed to press on. By today, it was clear someone needed to take my place. Darn. WCS is a great school to work at – very modern, supportive staff, engaged and excited students.
Students being interviewed about their experience:
Lots of parent volunteers for the street rides:
Note the student at the far right:
I was so proud of this group. They are perfectly executing a left turn from a stop sign as individual drivers of their vehicles:

Saturday night

After Thais and Lenin dropped off Sophia for a sleepover, they went out to dinner with friends. Yay. I got to spend the evening with Avery and Carson. Carson likes to line up his toys.
Avery tried on his costume.
For about an hour, Carson and I bounced the ball back and forth. He has a very accurate bounce.
Then the three of us wound up and rolled cars back and forth. We had so much fun.
When Mom and Dad got home, Avery’s first words, “Grandma hit me in the eye with her iPad.” LOL and sigh.

Jackrabbit Trail celebration

I helped out at one of Jibe’s locations along the trail. It was a WINDY day, to say the least.
Really windy!
Should Jump Bikes come to North Natomas?
Where would you put three sticky dots?
And, engage with the public!
Over 200 people visited out location. Fun.