On the way to school in the morning:Later in the evening, dinner (and World Series Game 7) at Thais and Lenin’s with family and neighbors:Kellen, next door neighbor:The crew gets ready to go trick-or-treating:Two sewers and their combined projects. Thais made Carson’s Baby Charizard and Lauren’s Wonder Woman. She is the Mother of All Dragons (Charizards). I made Sophia’s devil and Avery’s Charizard.

Reformation Celebration

Two days until the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Today Calvary celebrated with good food and friendship.A short play called To Tell the Truth: Who is the Real Martin Luther? The famous celebrities who asked the questions:The real Martin Luther stood up:The entire cast:Nine participants had to find 5 gummy worms buried in the Diet of Worms pie plate:When this art project is finished and hung, it will look great:

Community meal

On the fourth Saturday of every month, Calvary Lutheran hosts a Community Meal in the Social Hall.Chili, bread, green salad, fruit cocktail,and dessert.After it was over, we changed the room over for the Reformation Party tomorrow.

Projects finished

In between everything else, I managed to finish Avery’s Halloween costume. He will be a Charizard: a Pokemon dragon.The underside of the wings HAD to be a shiny blue:And four pillow covers for my sofa:The fabric with words is the back of all the pillows.

Project Ride Smart

This week was all street rides. I love my red groups. Mostly they still need to practice basic bike handling skills with minimal on-street maneuvers.We took a little off-pavement pathwhere we discovered the place where Sponge Bob Squarepants lives with his friends according to the boys who described everything in detail.The last class on the last day. Another super successful program!