Sunday Funday

This Sunday, our group rode to Old Sacramento then over the Tower Bridge for a short tour of W Sacramento. Minerva took this picture of Maria, Agueda, Paul, me, Rijindar, Jim, and Brenda:

A rest stop in Old Sac before we head back to N Natomas.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday November 20. Minerva took this picture of JC, Jim, me, Agueda, and Maria in Old Sacramento:

Monday November 21. Cheryl, Jane, Barbara:

Tuesday November 22. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy, Stacey:

Friday November 25. Maria and Tony:

Saturday November 26. Brenda, Jim, Paul:

Stacey and Kathy:


At Thais and Lenin’s.

In the background, Uncle Lino carving a turkey and Thais. Foreground: Rita, Gina, Leah, Hans:

I made sure ALL the meat came off the thigh bone even if it didn’t make it to the serving platter.

Rita, Lauren, Holly, Leah, Sophia, Thais (Leo in the background):

Jeff organized the bingo game:

Leo, Jeffrey, Sophia:

Boys and walnuts

Early morning, three of us on the couch each on our own devices but still chatting. He-who-shall-not-be-ignored, Charlie, wasn’t satisfied being 3 feet away, climbed up and sat across our feet … until Dad noticed. “Charlie! Get down!” Charlie listened immediately!

In the afternoon, I went to Justin’s to gather walnuts. I only harvested from 5 trees this year. My back now prefers that I rake, scoop and fill bags for just two hours. The cows came to watch what I was doing.

One small area looked like it was the daily gathering spot for meals. Lots of empty shells.

Lots of leaves and twigs were also scooped up which meant there was more sorting at home until there was a good layer of walnuts drying on the chicken wire rack on the patio.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday November 13. Brenda, Paul, Maria, JC:

Diana and Coletha:

Monday November 14. What a great bicycling day. There were 5 different rides with 14 people, total miles for the day = 199. I rode with Kathy and Roslyn – Roslyn’s FIRST ride ever with Arlete’s BIG. At our rest stop at Teal Bend Golf Course, we met Jean Marie and Ingrid.

Maria and Tony:

Kathy rode her trike later in the afternoon with Dani and Earldine:

Jim, Tracy, Brenda, Paul, Coletha:

Tuesday November 15. Brenda rode with Agueda and Minerva:

Ride with MOSAC: Andrea, Nathan, Barbara:

Wednesday November 16. I rode the Clarksburg Branch Trail in W Sacramento while I waited for a window on my suv to be repaired. Great ride, but the window is not fixed.

Wisdom Travels

Today was the concluding celebration at Jibe for a recent placemaking project. For the past year, local residents were featured on pole banners throughout North Natomas. Participants were invited to pick up their banners and meet the artist who told their stories, Janine Mapurunga. I knew several of the residents chosen to participate: Ray, Amal, Cathy, and Laura. Their stories were also on display at the local library.

Cathy, Janine, Mellissa:

Becky and Dennis:

Mellissa, Janine, Amal:

Seated are Donna and Ray. Ray fixes LOTS of bikes out of the goodness of his heart.

For more information, go to, select Placemaking, then Wisdom Travels.