After Avery’s soccer game, I drove to Lucille’s Smokehouse in Rocklin and picked up dinner for two!

Better than sitting in a crowded restaurant, picking up dinner, cocktails and dessert included, and sharing my birthday with a good friend is the best. Thanks Adrienne!

Wide Open Walls

Today I volunteered as an “art ambassador” for Wide Open Walls. I followed a route and checked in with the artists to see if they needed anything. Emily Ding:

Kosono Okina:

Patrick “Kane” McGregor:

Ana Valentine:

The best part is still coming. Going back later to see the finished murals.

SABA social ride

In the afternoon, I did my first-ever social ride with SABA. We met at Insight Coffee at 8th & S Streets in downtown Sacramento.

Deb Banks introduced David Sobon, CEO of Wide Open Walls, who led a tour some some of this year’s artists at work. About 50 people were ready to ride despite temperatures in the mid-90s.

This was such a different ride for me – herding cats comes to mind. Not many helmets. Two guys with loud portable speakers on their backs played music as we rode – turned off when David spoke at the various stops. Other riders blocked traffic at intersections so everyone could ride through regardless of the sign or signal.

The walls at North Star at 12th and C Streets:

Improv Alley:

Your bike rides this week

Monday September 6 – Labor Day. Dani, Kathy, Leo, Cheryl:

Tuesday Sept 7. Jonathan took this picture of Dani, Cindy, and Kathy:

Me and Anne:

Wednesday September 8. I took this picture of Jane, Cheryl, and Leo:

Luckily, we were about 2 miles from home when the bolt that attached the seat to the seat post snapped. Jane was able to ride home standing up – amazingly strong legs is what that is!

Friday September 10. Barbara, Rupert, Jeorgianna, Cheryl, and Leo (Brian showed up after the photo was taken):