Your bike rides this week

Sunday June 19. I rode with Lennore, Brenda, Cheryl, Terri, Jim:

Monday June 20. I rode with Kathy, Dani, Terri, and Cheryl:

Tuesday June 21. I rode with Kathy, Leo, Dani, Cindy, and Cheryl:

Wednesday June 22. I rode with Cheryl, Leo, and Barbara:

Thursday June 23. An early evening ride with Brenda and Lennore:

Friday June 24. Cindy took Olive for her first bike ride:

Saturday June 25. I rode with Leo, Cheryl, and Barbara (who look as serious as the people in the posters behind them):

Cindy and Olive rode with us to Discovery Park. Olive isn’t quite ready for a 31-mile ride yet.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday June 12. All graduates of Better on Bikes 1 and 4. Brenda, Jim, Lennore, Paul, Tracy, Terri, Amal, Cheryl:

Monday June 13. Leo took this picture of Dani, Cheryl, Terri, Kathy:

Me and Cindy:

Tuesday June 15. Kathy, Dani, Barbara, Cheryl:

Thursday June 16. Dani, Jane, Barbara, Kathy, Cheryl:

Friday June 17. A great 41-mile ride on the American River Parkway with Terri, Barbara, and Cheryl. Lunch at William Pond.

Saturday June 18. Dani and Kathy:


Grandma taxi

I love helping Thais and Lenin when work (or golf) conflicts with the kids’ activities. On Tuesday and Thursday, I picked up Carson at basketball, then picked up Sophia from volleyball at St Ignatius, a quick lunch and 30 minutes later I dropped off Carson at St Ignatius, and drove Avery and Carson back home. Entertainment provided by:

Your bike rides this week

Monday June 6. I rode with Dani, Terri, Kathy, and Cheryl:

Thursday June 9. Cindy (after she got home):

Friday June 10. Near Scott’s Seafood, Barbara, Terri, and me:

Saturday June 11. A very early morning ride with Dani, Cindy, Terri, Cheryl, Barbara, and Kathy: