When the Pedal Up Natomas riders arrived back at our starting point around 11 am and we were getting ready to go our separate ways, one of them pointed to a window on my car … broken.

They left almost everything but took two voice amplifiers that belonged to Jibe.

Unfortunately, Cindy who volunteered to ride with us today, was also a victim. Three windows broken and damage to one door.

The local security company took a report, we both filed reports online with the police department and contacted our insurance companies. Repairs are next. Expletives have not been included in this blog post.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday November 6. Jim, Paul, and Brenda:

Jonathan took this picture of Elaine, Kathy, and Earldine:

Thursday November 10. Stacey, Elaine, Kathy:

Taken by Barbara on her afternoon ride:

Maria, Paul, me:

Veteran’s Day. Maria and Tony:

Friday November 11. Diana and Coletha:

Local development coming

On Wednesday, I went to an open house presentation by the developers of a large parcel of land along the freeway primarily impacting the residents who live in Westlake but also a frequent route for some of our bike rides. At the Metro Air Parkway overdressing, two hotels + restaurants are planned.

A long complicated process over the next 1 1/2 years. Becky Heieck from Jibe at left (she stepped out of my frame at the last second).

Penn Valley

On Monday morning I drove, first to Adrienne’s to pick up a new batch of Joe Pickett books, and then to Maria’s in Penn Valley. She made a great lunch and we visited all afternoon.

We went to the clubhouse to watch Monday Night Football, had a great meal and great conversation with friends Joy and Penelope … so much fun that I didn’t even think about taking a picture … until the next morning as I drove home in a pretty good rainstorm. Hurray for California.

So much fun. Thank you Maria! And … what a surprise I found when I opened this box:

Maria sent me home with a jigsaw puzzle, which I promptly dumped onto a kitchen counter. Omg – big chunks of put-together puzzle pieces and a baggie with all the edges. This will save me a lot of time. I never do this when I pass on a puzzle. In fact, I’m quite careful to separate every single puzzle piece before it goes back in the box.

Spaghetti dinner

Tonight was the 8th grade annual spaghetti dinner at St Ignatius. Lilli, Sophia, Esperanza:

Thais co-chaired the event.

Raffle winners:

A special treat at the end of the evening, a visit with one of my 4th grade students, Becky, whose own 3 children are in or just graduated college. She and her husband are now empty-nesters.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday October 30. Shiloh:

Processed with Lensa with Magic Correction

Monday October 31. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy:

Tuesday November 1. Brenda in the foreground, Agueda, Stacey, and Elaine behind her:

Thursday November 3. Agueda, Elaine, Paul, Brenda:

Friday November 4. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl:

Saturday November 5 after Pedal Up Natomas ended at 11 am. Brenda, Tracy, me:

Good deed

Becky Garrow invited me to join her in a short presentation about adaptive bicycling and the basics to get started to a support group whose participants have young-onset Parkinson’s. We met at a church in Carmichael.