Urban Cycling: meeting 2

Hurray! We were able to meet in person this morning at Neil Orchard Senior Center in Rancho Cordova. Cesar from SABA was a great addition. One of his skill areas is bike mechanics, therefore greatly appreciated by me. While 8 people signed up for the free class, only 1 showed up – Fayzah.

The good news, Fayzah’s three kids came to the class also.

No mas tacos

Today was Taco Tuesday at Four Seasons. I barely got my reservation in on time (15 minutes before the deadline) which meant I was in the last group to get my free meal.

Alas! Sac Tacos ran out of tacos. No tacos on Tuesday for Arlete and about 60 other people.

Don’t tell Mom

Has your grandchild ever asked you to keep a secret from the parents? Today I drove Sophia and Avery to their golf lesson at Campus Commons. Carson came along with us especially since going to Starbuck’s is always a part our trips. Before we left, Carson came over to me and whispered, “Can I have a tall chocolate milk? But don’t tell Mom, she doesn’t want me to have one. So we’re going to keep it a secret, right?” Several times over the next hour and a half, he periodically checked that we were still keeping a secret.

When we got home, Carson ran into the house and up to his mom and said, “Grandma bought me a tall chocolate milk!” A secret no longer.

Bike ride

Pete and I rode to Old Sac then across the Tower Bridge to W Sacramento there’s a trail along the river for a mile or so. It ends on this pier:

Drake’s Brewing Co, a nightclub with a huge outdoor space:

Almost full-size metal trees along the river. The shiny disks were only attached to the framework at the top, they moved easily in the breeze. Shimmering silver trees!

Friday evening

My turn to have the weekly get-together.

Jerry and Laura

Lucy, Sandi, and Jim

Archie (far left)

My dessert was an epic fail in the looks department. A Cherry Amaretto Trifle is not supposed to look like this. However, it still tasted very good.

Bike ride

Two or three times a week, Pete and I go for a ride. Depending on the weather and what’s going on that day, we ride up to 20 miles. Today’s ride was about 12 miles. The “Leroy Greene ride” leaves the bike trail, goes past Leroy Greene Academy and winds through a residential neighborhood underneath the I-80 bridge over the Sacramento River.

Sophia Avery and Carson

All the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are picture-side down and sorted by the tens column (that was my job). Carson put in the pieces in numerical order. Smile.

Avery, nice brother, gives Carson a lot of leeway to be a tough guy. Bigger smile.