Tournament day 2

Because everything was pretty much finished last night to get ready for today’s lunch and awards and after I made sure the pink polka dot napkins were on the table, I decided to head home.

Tournament Day 1

Maria and her guest Shelly ready to go early Thursday morning.

The only thing I needed to check on: are the pink polka dot napkins on the table? Yes.

Dottie, Jacque, and Maria.

After lunch, I removed all the centerpieces from the tables.

After the tablecloths had been replaced, I put them all back. Later I helped Maddie and her team get the tables ready for the next day’s lunch. Then went to back to Maria’s for an end-of-day-one celebration where I ran into and visited with an old friend from Rio Linda Senior High School – Sue Kelly.


Coffee with Linda and Adrienne.
Gymnastics with Carson.
Soccer with Sophia.
And a shopping trip to Green Acres Nursery. Thais was a consultant for not only me, but also Leah and Jeff.

Friday travel

This morning, Thais and I took Carson to Milestones
then took the Capitol Corridor train to Berkeley and Lyft to our favorite fabric store.

We had lunch at Toss Noodle Bar,
and little window shopping on 4th St before taking the train back to Sacramento. We picked up Carson and went directly to Avery’s Little League game.
Fun day!