My week with bicycles

Monday. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary.

In the evening, Jibe sponsored a Freedom from Training Wheels event.

My Project Ride Smart teaching partners, Deanna and Christy:

Lined up for the 5-mile family ride:

Tuesday. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary. The Blue group completing ABCQuick Check:

Thursday. Practicing the multi-step left turn. Stop signal:

Ending in the left lane position:

Long day. When Project Ride Smart ended at 2:00, I left to get ready for Westlake Bike Club at 3:30,

followed by Better on Bikes Zoom meeting at 6:00.

Friday. Project Ride Smart, first day of street rides. The blue group:

State of Natomas

at the recently-opened N Natomas Aquatic Center.

I was invited by Jibe along with many other employees/friends/board members. Here a group of Parent Champions chat with William before lunch was served:

All through lunch, there were interesting speakers. A video message from Congresswoman Doris Matsue, Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg

and Sacramento Chief of Police Kathy Lester.

Such a fun event. Informative! Thank you, Jibe!

Office Hours

There was a really good turnout for Office Hours for Better on Bikes. We spent an hour at Inderkum High School working on various skills. Jim, Lenore, Paul, Tracy, Elaine, Alejandro, Agueda, Brenda, Diana:

Bike Around the Buttes

The Good Jibes team.

Standing L-R: Charlie, Bruce, Diane, Dani, Becky, Steven. Kneeling: Michelle, Mellissa, me, Kathy.

At mile 15, rest stop #1:

Becky with Charlie and Mellissa in the distance:

At mile 29, rest stop #2, in Live Oak:

42 miles back to the starting point in ..

Lunch was served afterwards. This was a great ride benefitting the Northern CA Lions Club Health Foundation.

Back to work

On Thursday, the first Zoom class for Better on Bikes 4!

On Friday, I worked with Deanna and Christy at Regency Park Elementary teaching four 5th-grade classes Project Ride Smart – the first day of blacktop drills.

Your bike rides

Tuesday March 29. Dani, Kathy, Cindy:

Friday April 1. Dani, Brian, Kathy, Terri:

Monday April 4. Dani, Terri, Cindy, Kathy:

Friday April 15. Dani, Kathy, Terri:

Monday April 18.

Tuesday April 19. Dani and Kathy:

BIG thanks to everyone who kept our local bike rides going. In 24 days, the 6 cyclists above went on 12 rides for a total of 669 miles. Go team!