Helping out

A golf lesson with physical distancing:

Meanwhile, in the back seat:

While we were waiting in the very long Starbucks drive-through, Carson started talking to Avery’s feet. And Avery’s feet talked back. Oh, the laughter!

A visitor!

I got to visit with Justin this evening!

There was no bread at the store so I tried a recipe for Easy Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread. This the second time I made it and it turned out much better. A new Goldtouch nonstick bread pan in the correct size made a huge difference.

Bike ride

I’ve been walking or bike riding every day that it’s not raining or cold and windy. It’s about 5 miles to Thais and Lenin’s house. Thais was inside working, Lenin was outside with the kids:
Skinny enough to go THROUGH the fence:

Riding back along Fisherman’s Lake Parkway:

Monday morning with Grandma

Sophia and Avery did some homework. Carson and I played Dog Bingo. This is a picture of Carson cheating. He compares the dogs on my card to the dogs on his card, then he looks at the tiles inside the bag and chooses the one that lets him always be ahead in the count. I don’t say a word, I’m laughing hysterically on the inside.

Carson helped me get a small box of Easter decorations out of a cabinet over the washing machine (and I didn’t have to climb a ladder). Then he helped me decorate. He was very proud of the “set up” he created.

Walking over the weekend

While sheltering in place, we can go outside. Fisherman’s Lake Parkway is now quite well used.

My neighbors Kirk and Holly training for their next Camino walk:

When I came around the corner onto Suez Canal Lane, there were about 25 residents sitting outside listening to someone playing the ukelele and a hula dancer performing.

These two neighbors played tennis in the street then retreated to chairs for a rest and a chat:

Next-door neighbor Colleen and across-the-street neighbor Lorraine visiting:

Sophia Avery Carson

A break in the monotony: Sophia, Avery, and Carson came over for a couple of hours. We played Ravine. Carson was in charge of passing out (or sending them flying across the table) the correct number of forage cards.

The madness card demanded a staring contest. The first person to laugh or talk lost one heart.

Sheltering in place

I started staying home on March 14. By today, I ready to risk driving through a Starbucks. I drove a short distance to W Sacramento. My first human-to-human interaction in five days – exciting – and I told him so:

And he said, “Then I think I should buy your coffee today!” That was a nice surprise.

63 years ago

I was sorting through some papers and found this. At the bottom, my mom had written “Mar 57.”

I like that plaid skirt I colored. Pretty good handwriting too.

I shared it with Sophia and Avery one afternoon. Avery’s about 8 1/2 so we measured him: 50 inches and 60 pounds. When they got home, they asked, “Mom, how is that possible?”