Professional Bull Riding

We ate at Sauced before PBR.

Mary, Chris, Phyl, me, Greg

A short walk to the Golden One Center:We had a big group this year, including cousin Cynthia, her grandchildren and daughter:Chris managed to reach out and grab a little parachute (while his wife held tightly onto his belt so he didn’t fall over the railing) and won a new pair of Ariat boots.Our whole group. Cynthia’s sister and our cousin, Christine (red sweater) and her family were also there.

Carson’s 2nd birthday

Rita, making lumpia, and Leah.Holly’s youngest, Brook Lyn:Carson LOVES to play with helium-filled balloons but definitely needs the long string to stay attached.Carson tried to blow out the candle but help was needed (but maybe not Avery’s help).Uncle Jeff and Uncle Connie taught Carson how to use a drill. Sort of.

Crab Feed

Val Lilienthal invited me to Lake Wildwood/Penn Valley for a crab feed.  First stop, a drink at the Tack Room.

Renee, Joy and Val

Happy bartenders:

Roy Roberts and Tim Fahey

The best wait staff ever:The after-party at Maria’s was undoubtedly the best way to end the evening. Total fun, Val, thanks for inviting me!

Airport drop off and pick up

I took Dave and Phyl to the airport on Monday and picked them up today. They flew to Montana to sign papers for their new house in Deer Lodge. Yes! Dave and Phyl are moving to Montana! Driving from Butte to Deer Lodge:Their house and an outbuilding called The Creamery:

Breakfast with Korbi

Korbi sold the G St house and helped me buy the house I’m now living in. The last time she saw this house, it was a shell with nothing in it. So it was fun to have her over for coffee, tea, and scones so she could see the progress so far.

RLEHS Sunday Social

The guest speaker was Cheryl Stapp, a docent at Sutter’s Fort and author of several books on Sacramento history, especially during the Gold Rush.It’s was a small group this month.The Throwdown challenge was Best Winter Soup. I won with clam chowder, Catherine made a great butternut squash soup.

Dinner at my house

After school, Sophia and Avery came to my house and we rode bicycles around the lake. Avery found a comfortable place to watch tv:Thais and Lenin were having a new floor installed in their house and cooking dinner would be a challenge, so Thais cooked at my house.While Thais picked colors for an embroidery project, Carson climbed into the box of felt.