Project Ride Smart

This was week 2 at Regency Park. Two days of blacktop drills and two days of street rides. The team talked with Principal Tim Hammons before the first class.ABCQuick Check with one girl quick to try out her poses.Favorite comment of the week from a boy as we rode over a speed table, “Ooohh, that hill made me swallow my sneeze.”

Funeral at Calvary

Long-time member Doris Hill passed away on April 11. The memorial service was this afternoon. A time to rememberbut also a time to reconnect with people you don’t see very often. In the background, Shirley DeGooyer, a now-retired teacher from RLUSD. In the foreground, Madalyn Pires talking to a baby in a stroller; she’s a friend from my RLSHS 1966 class.All friends from RLSHS-Class of 1969, L-R: Linda Krueger, Teresa Cox, Elaine Mackey, Janis Hill (Doris’ daughter) Deverter, Peggy Lyon. Teresa told me she was my brother Doug’s girlfriend for about 3 months when they were in high school. They used to go riding on his Honda 50 out along the levee. I remember Doug getting in trouble for that more than once.Mary Harris and Jonell, Doris’ granddaughter.A few of these pictures were taken especially for Paula who would have been here to honor Doris and support Janis and her family, but she lives 2400 miles away. Again, Madalyn and Jonell:

Wednesday with Sophia and Avery

I didn’t work on Wednesday, it was a shortened day at Regency Park Elementary. This was also Spring Break for Sophia and Avery so I spent the day with them. I met the window coverings person at my new house in the early afternoon. Sophia and Avery were excited to ride in the golf cart – Ethan in the Lennar office needs to unlock the door for me when I visit.Much to my surprise, after the appointment, I discovered Sophia and Avery had liberally made use of the colorful permanent Sharpie markers I had in the back seat. Oh my!Mom scrubbed Avery (mostly) clean for his tee-ball game.

Project Ride Smart

at Regency Park Elementary. I worked 4 days this week. Five classes of fifth graders, one hour/day for each class. My teaching partner is Doug Williams. The 40 bikes are stored in an unused classroom:This week: 3 days of classroom instruction, 1 day of blacktop drills, and 1 after-school coaching session.A favorite for the kids – the melon drop. Jill and Jack went for a bike ride. Jill was wearing her helmet when she crashed.Sadly Jack refused to wear a helmet and he also crashed. His poor watermelon head cracked, juice dripped out, and everyone oohed and ahhed. Always wear your bike helmet!

Happy 40th Birthday Lenin!

No need to walk when Cousin Lauren is there to push you around.Leah, Holly (due in June), Rita and Lino. Jeff is standing up and Leo is snatching a candle from the pie.Carson took all the loose candles out one by one, put them all back the same way, closed the drawer and walked away.