Soccer for Sophia and Avery

After work on Thursday, I took Sophia and Avery to their soccer practices. Avery is a really fast runner. He’s quite competitive. He keeps an eye on who’s behind him and is willing to put out an arm to stop someone from overtaking him. dsc03629dsc03630Sophia’s practice:dsc03632On Friday, Avery had his first game. We got the the soccer field early, so there was time to try out the swings.dsc03640dsc03642Making my heart flutter as I say to myself, “Hang on tight.”dsc03645dsc03647dsc03658dsc03663dsc03661

Project Ride Smart

at Natomas Park Elementary. dsc03587I am co-teaching with Gina Silvernale, a recently graduated LCI, this is her first Project Ride Smart teaching assignment. We meet with just two classes (out of 5 total) per day for about 70 minutes each. We watch a lot of informational videos followed by discussion and review.dsc03617For this lesson, while Gina and I fit helmets on each student individually – at an incredible pace of about 2 minutes/helmet fit. Meanwhile, the rest of the students were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and given the task of labeling 26 bicycle parts using address labels (which didn’t come off the bike very easily after being wound tightly around certain bike parts by certain “industrious” students) or post-it notes (far easier to remove).dsc03592dsc03590dsc03620

Centennial Celebration

of the Rio Linda branch of the Sacramento Public Library – which was relocated to this site only a few years old and, part of which is located in my old 4th grade classroom at Rio Linda Elementary School (now closed).dsc03595The Good Time Players:dsc03596There was a quiche throwdown with LOTS of entries.dsc03599The judges: author Maryellen Burns and the manager of RLOnline John Todd.dsc03600They chose three winners: a staff member at the RL Library (man in black shirt), Deb Crowe (smiling), and Charlea Moore (laughing). At the far right is Sally McGrath, the RL Library branch manager.dsc03610dsc03601Director of the entire Sacramento Library system, Rivkah K Sass (wearing a burgundy blouse) welcomed everyone to the event.dsc03605Nicole Brogdon from the Rio Linda Elverta Historical Society shared a brief history of the library as it grew in Rio Linda. I remember as a kindergartener walking across M Street to the cutest little house which served as the library in 1953. dsc03614When I taught 4th grade at Rio Linda Elementary in the early 1970s, John Todd was one of my students! dsc03611

Saturday at Carol & Jerry’s

A morning walk to the river.dsc03499dsc03500dsc03502Phyl would NOT take one more step onto the rickety dock. That’s the Kern River, by the way.dsc03504A tour of the shop.dsc03531Carol’s painting studio:dsc03524Upstairs a movie-watching area: dsc03529Lunch at a Basque restaurant:dsc03535My third “first” of the weekend: I drove Jerry’s Prowler! Yee-haw!dsc03538Next, an art show featuring 33 cast pickups painted and embellished by local artists to celebrate Bakersfield.dsc03541dsc03543The main purpose for this weekend was to celebrate Carol’s birthday. Four birthdays from the 11th-22nd!dsc03553

To Bakersfield

This was a first for me – a ride in Jerry’s plane from McClellan to Bakersfield with Dave and Phyl.dsc03447This is the way to fly! No long security lines, no waiting, drive your vehicle up to the plane to load luggage, and take off within 15 minutes. Love it! Jerry and his 6-passenger Duke.dsc03452dsc03456dsc03457We flew at 17,500 feet and arrived in ONE hour thanks to a terrific tailwind.dsc03461Evening activities:dsc03464Feeding cats,dsc03474Bonnie the mule,dsc03470and quite a few raccoons.dsc03488Another first for me:dsc03492That was my first and, most likely, my last 1/4 of a cigar.

From the Sewing Cave

Vogue 8938 is still the pattern I sew the most often. In August, I finished two more and sent them to Billie.dsc02954dsc02955Then I spotted the perfect periwinkle color in a voile to use with last year’s Breathe Bike Trek t-shirt.dsc02967A board member for SABA asked me to make t-shirts for this year’s Velo Ball as a raffle item. I decided to make three of them in small, medium, and large sizes.dsc03440dsc03445