Your bike rides this week

Sunday August 21. Dani, me, Donna, Kathy, Ray, Jonathan:

Brenda and Agueda rode to Scott’s Seafood.

Barbara, Jane, Cheryl:

Monday August 22. Terri, Cheryl, and Kathy:

Brenda, Agueda, Lennore, Paul:

Wednesday August 24. Terri:

Thursday August 25. Dani and Cheryl:

Brenda, Paul, Agueda, me, Lennore, Jim:

Thursday August 25. On my solo ride, geese in Peregrine Park:

Saturday August 27. Brenda and Tracy:

Brenda and Agueda aka Aggie:

Dani, Stacey, Cheryl, Kathy, Barbara:

Hello arm

with no cast. The bone is healing well, now the tendons need to heal. Which, I hope, is soon. I want to make some bias tape.

In the afternoon, Terri invited me over to celebrate – thank you so much!!!

Your bikes rides this week

Sunday August 14. Agueda. Jim, Lennore, Paul, Natalie, Evan, Brenda, Leo:

6-year old Vince went on a 4-mile ride with his grandma Barbara:

A new group of trike riders went for their first ride.

Front: Brenda, me, Kathy, Dani, Jonathan’s trike, Linda, Larry
Back: Donna, Ray, Stacy, Betty, Helen

Monday August 15. Terri:

Thursday August 18. Brenda, Paul, me:

Friday August 19.

Saturday August 20. Dani, Cheryl, Paul and MaryAnn Garcia, Leo, Kathy:

Agueda and Brenda:

3 days to go

A visit with Ade on Monday. Sophia Avery & Carson on Tuesday, Jim and Lucy’s on Wednesday. Coffee with Becky on Thursday.

A visit with Linda, Kathy, and Ade on Friday.

In between, some sewing, book #7 in the Joe Pickett series, and the sixth (and FINAL) jigsaw puzzle.

I am sooo ready for this cast to come off.

Sunday cycling

Today 17 cyclists pedaled 200 miles. I think this is the most miles and the most varied participation for Arlete’s BIG on a single day so far. And such nice stories for each of the rides.

Over the past 3 months, Paul, Brenda, Jim, and Lennore (BoB4) have been slowly building up how far they can ride. Today, they challenged themselves with a ride to Old Sac. They had a good route but were a bit unsure since it was the first time they were riding it. Leo (BoB4) was able to go at the last minute. He’s such an encouraging person, I knew they would have a great time. Paul, Brenda, and Jim started on the east side of I-5. Leo, Agueda (BoB4), Lennore, Natalie and Evan started on the west side. Everyone met at the bike/pedestrian bridge that goes over I-80.

Thank you Dani for organizing the first-ever trike ride. There were 12 people – a very good turnout. We rode 4 routes, each one started and ended at the Four Seasons Lodge. Based on ability, riders could opt out at the end of each segment. The segments were 2.0, 1.3, 2.5, 3.0 miles. Thanks Jonathan for taking this picture:

Front: Brenda, me, Kathy, Dani, Jonathan’s trike, Linda, Larry
Back: Donna, Ray, Stacy, Betty, Helen

After riding 25 miles by herself early Sunday morning, Barbara later rode 4 miles with her grandson Vince.

Great job everyone.

N Magazine

When a group of cyclists from Arlete’s BIG attended Jibe’s Meet and Greet at Track 7 on July 13 and Dennis Spear, N Magazine publisher, was also there, I thought “Cool, maybe our picture will be in the Bits ‘n Pieces section.” And it was.

But the real surprise was on page 10:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday August 7. Brenda, Jim, Lennore, Paul:

Dani and me:

Monday August 8. Dani, Leo, Cheryl, Terri, Kathy:

Tuesday August 9. Dani, Jane, Cheryl, Barbara, Kathy:

Wednesday August 10. Thank you Amal for riding with me. At the pace of a turtle.

Thursday August 11. A bridge conquered by Jim, Paul, Lennore and me on an evening ride:

Saturday August 13. Dani and Kathy:

Countdown: 10 days

Tuesday. One of Carson’s favorite games is Cover Your Assets which is best with several players. Charlie was hoping to be dealt in … but spotted a nearby comfy spot for a little nap.

Wednesday. I finished cutting out the pattern, adjusted the fit and pinned it to the fabric. Almost ready for fabric cutting. But my wrist was not ready for cutting fabric.

Terri volunteered to cut out the pieces despite knowing how fussy I am. She passed! I am so glad I don’t have to open another jigsaw puzzle next week. Thank you Terri.