Saddle Up Saturday

The last one – #5. I decided to repeat the most successful previous ride … to Bad Bakers. In the middle – BOC which might mean bacon on caramel. To the right, Walter White. Left – a cute Halloween donut pointed in the wrong direction.

Cheryl, Brian, Sharon, Pearl:

Thank you, JIbe, especially Michelle. Great promotion from my point of view! So cool that it coincided with Better on Bikes 3.

Into the Lions Den

I volunteered to do the later shift for a criterium … which means a bicycle race on a closed circular course. Today, at the heart of the sate capitol.

SABA provided bike valet services. I arrived just as the women’s professional race was about to begin. This race was special because the women’s and men’s purses were equal at $50,000 each for the winner. As it should be. Ahead, the women are lined up:

with more arriving:

About to start:

Ahead, provided by SABA Bike Valet Program, the fenced enclosure where bicycles can be safely stored while enjoying the event

Jeremiah (left) was the lead in organizing this bike valet event. Bert and Stacey provided excellent service checking in bikes, keeping the bikes organized, then retrieving bikes at the end of the event.

Over 200 bikes were safely parked and retrieved!

So, I didn’t actually see any of the bicycle race, but I had a great time. Sidenote: Julie Kanoff, you were the hardest worker out there!

Project Ride Smart

At Westlake Charter School. I came to help with the street rides on Thursday and Friday mornings. Lucky me, I was assigned the “Blue group.” Based on their bike handling skills from the blacktop drill days, these kids are very competent. And they were competent! Too much fun!

Karen and Greg

The venue at Scott’s Seafood was great.

The reception was held in the nearby big tent.

Jerry, Justin, and Jennifer:

What a great wedding and reception. So much fun. Congratulations Karen and Greg.

Saddle Up Saturday

Cheryl rode with Brian and Pearl from Red Sea & Hovnanian. I drove to Dogwood Park to meet Rupert and Jeorgianna. We all met at Huckleberry’s and had a great breakfast followed by individual pictures with our bikes.

Busy week

On Tuesday, I did a solo bike ride to try a revised Wide Open Walls ride. I started at 4th & G Sts in W Sacramento where I’ll meet a group from Washington Commons Co-housing for a downtown ride in a couple of weeks.

I refined the route and took some pictures of some nearby murals from previous years:

Wednesday was Better on Bikes meeting 3 online.

On Friday morning I went into the Jibe office to edit the next Better on Bikes presentation. Editing on their computers has had better results than editing on my computer (Apple) and sending to Jibe’s computer (PC). In the late afternoon, I went to Carson’s soccer game. He told his mom he planned to make six goals.