Day 3: Chief Ladiga Trail

9 am and it’s 41 degrees. We were each wearing 5 layers of clothing and still cold. Riding warmed us up fairly quickly. We took Subway sandwiches because we weren’t sure what services would be available, especially since it’s Sunday and most businesses are closed.
We are always concerned about wildlife encounters (my scariest was riding past a watchful bear) so when Billie said, “What’s that down the trail? Is it an animal?” I don’t know. It looked like a tiny buffalo but maybe it was a huge dog. It didn’t move, we approached cautiously. The tiny buffalo:
At the state line, the Silver Comet Trail ended
and the Chief Ladiga (luh-DIE-guh) Trail began:
Terrapin Creek:

Duggar Mountain, second highest point in Alabama:

The end of trail in Weaver with an immediate welcome sign for Anniston which was still 6 miles away.
We rode until the shoulder disappeared on the 4-lane, high-speed road into town. It just wasn’t safe so we called the local taxi company who sent a van to pick us up. A $10 solution! There was a bar at our hotel! We had a great time talking with Jessica, the front desk manager and bartender. Then more patons arrived.
We really enjoyed meeting Dan and Sharon who live just 30 miles away. Then we visited with some other cyclists (the photo-bomb guy).
Miles = 48 and 52 degrees at 4pm.

Day 2: Silver Comet Trail

A more challenging day: more miles, too-steep-to-ride hills, a 10 mph headwind, and a frustrating process to get into our room. The day started out great, a very good breakfast at the Ragsdale Inn and perfect weather.

Besides having cameras pointing up and down the trail, the local sheriff’s office has 3 officers who patrol in these tiny vehicles.
There are many trestle crossings.
Brushy Mountain Tunnel:

The trail goes through the middle of Rockmart, another picturesque small town:

Then we had to do some climbing. This was the first hill we had to walk up, followed by at least 5 more. Ugh!

In between the hills, bucolic countryside:

Billie to the heavens above, “If I could have just one wish, please drop down an ice cold cappuccino to me right now.”
Arrived! Cedartown.
Sadly, it took us 2 hours at the front desk to get into a room despite our reservation. The first room hadn’t been cleaned and still had someone’s belongings inside. Skipping to the conclusion: we ended up in suite and it was comped.

Miles = 34

Day 1: Silver Comet Trail

It was a bit chilly this morning so we decided to leave at 55 degrees, about 9:30.C65916B0-7894-4477-86B6-12737779571F

We are in the South now!
The Ragsdale Inn in Dallas GA. We are the only guests tonight.

We thought we could have dinner at this diner, but it was fake. It’s part of a movie being filmed here, Stargirl.
Dessert on the porch:
Miles = 26.

From Smyrna Georgia

Yesterday I flew to Roanoke Virginia where Billie lives. Today we drove south to Smyrna. Sheetz is one of my favorite places in the south. You order at a computer terminal – super easy – go pay, then pick up your freshly-prepared food. The selection of food and drinks (including fancy coffees) is huge and the prices are low.
Welcome to the freeways around Atlanta. Our exit is 9 miles away and it will only take 30 minutes to get there.
Tomorrow we will begin riding the Silver Comet Trail.

Almost ready to go

The last few days have been busy. Getting lesson plans ready for two bike clubs. Making a sign and cracking/shelling 30 pounds of walnuts. There’s a craft fair on April 12 at the clubhouse but I will be out of town. Two of my neighbors, Silvia and Kathie are going to man my table and sell walnuts and hopefully find some people who would like to buy part of a cow from Justin in late August.
Time to finish packing:


at the Clubhouse. Three neighbors on my street, Crete Island Lane, hosted tonight’s get-together. The title was “From Crete Island to …” We each did a 5-minute slideshow presentation about our recent travels. We got very good advertising and there were a lot of people who attended. Yay.
So much food!
My slide show was about the Erie Canalway bike ride last summer. I brought my bike loaded with everything I would need for a 7-day bike ride.
Kirk and Holly Talon shared their Camino de Santiago walk last summer which started in Porto Portugal. Their backpacks are ready for their next Camino walk – they leave in a couple of weeks. Kirk has his guitar strapped to his backpack.
My next door neighbors, Colleen and Matt Harding, shared their walk on the Kumano Kodo trail in Japan.

Bookmark and pancakes

Sophia and Avery were excited to make me a bookmark – out of glue. Step one: use a plastic lid from a box and color a tray-like space. I wanted a rainbow bookmark.
Then you pour glue all over it and wait 3 days for it to completely dry. The colors soak up into the glue.
Time to make pancakes. Avery is great at measuring and mixing the ingredients and making sure the sugar hasn’t gone bad.
Sophia and Avery prefer their pancakes with syrup and iPads.
Carson prefers his with a side of whipped cream.
Lastly, a game of Break the Ice:
Now, Grandma can go home. Smiling.