at the Clubhouse. Three neighbors on my street, Crete Island Lane, hosted tonight’s get-together. The title was “From Crete Island to …” We each did a 5-minute slideshow presentation about our recent travels. We got very good advertising and there were a lot of people who attended. Yay.
So much food!
My slide show was about the Erie Canalway bike ride last summer. I brought my bike loaded with everything I would need for a 7-day bike ride.
Kirk and Holly Talon shared their Camino de Santiago walk last summer which started in Porto Portugal. Their backpacks are ready for their next Camino walk – they leave in a couple of weeks. Kirk has his guitar strapped to his backpack.
My next door neighbors, Colleen and Matt Harding, shared their walk on the Kumano Kodo trail in Japan.

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