No mas tacos

Today was Taco Tuesday at Four Seasons. I barely got my reservation in on time (15 minutes before the deadline) which meant I was in the last group to get my free meal.

Alas! Sac Tacos ran out of tacos. No tacos on Tuesday for Arlete and about 60 other people.

Good deed

One of my neighbors, Ray Krause, was given a bike which he refurbished. Ray brought the bike to my house on the same day, another neighbor, Mary Kit, contacted me to find out if there were any bikes for sale within our community. I keep a list of Bikes for Sale/Bike Wanted. Mary’s sister, Bonnie, recently moved in with her and she wanted a bike. A perfect match and FREE! – all in one day.

And I don’t have another bike in my garage.

Busy Friday

In the morning, Pete and I rode to Old Sac and back.

In the afternoon, I went to see Ade’s new house, line some drawers, and

wait for a furniture delivery.

In the evening, the neighbors on my street gathered to have drinks and conversation.

Crete Island Lane

Walking over the weekend

While sheltering in place, we can go outside. Fisherman’s Lake Parkway is now quite well used.

My neighbors Kirk and Holly training for their next Camino walk:

When I came around the corner onto Suez Canal Lane, there were about 25 residents sitting outside listening to someone playing the ukelele and a hula dancer performing.

These two neighbors played tennis in the street then retreated to chairs for a rest and a chat:

Next-door neighbor Colleen and across-the-street neighbor Lorraine visiting:


At Four Seasons Lodge tonight. I worked with Steve and Teresita:

Our theme was Little Irish Pub. Steve shared some interesting information about St Patrick’s Day and I made a LOT of Scotch Eggs.

We had a really good turnout. And I didn’t have to take ANY eggs home. Whew!

I was so happy Ade drove out to join in.

Lunch with friends

Peter and Suzanne Price invited me for lunch and shopping in Winters. We ate at Putah Creek Cafe.

It’s not often when you find a croque madame on a menu. Definitely a must-order.

And the shopping was a quilt shop a few door away. And a yarn shop across the street! Suzanne also sews and loves fabric as much as I do.

What a fun outing!

Pretzels Beer and Brats

This morning I made a third batch of Bavarian salted pretzels, 48 in total.
In the afternoon, I grilled brats and made the beer cheese sauce. At 5pm, my neighbor Lorraine and I met with Jessica, the activities director to learn (again) how to set up for a TGIF.

There was a wonderful variety of dishes. Some brought German dishes, like German potato salad, red cabbage, sauerkraut, German chocolate cake. Everything was delicious.

We also did a blind beer tasting:

Lorraine with her beer-drinking vessel

Then a few people told beer stories.

Phil Jackson

Michael Woodcheke

Another interesting beer story came later through the community email group, from Stan. Today, January 17 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of Prohibition.