Granite countertops repaired

Getting this task – edges refinished, chips filled in – done by the builder’s subcontractor required a lot of patience on my part. However by the end of today, my countertops were just about perfect!Now I can seal them with their annual protective coating.

VBS Sunday morning

Today’s church service was held in the social hall with a brunch break in the middle. The kids from Vacation Bible School participated in all parts of the service.I was so happy Odin and Kellen came and participated.


This week, I did the storytelling part of Vacation Bible School at Calvary Lutheran Church. A little reminder that it’s a good thing to be a retired teacher. The day started and ended with Pastor Kirsten.There were 3 rotations of different age groups. Aiden as Jesus “on” the cross.Kellen as Pilate directing his helper to put one of the criminals on a cross next to Jesus.Jesus inside the tomb covered with “linen” – everyone wanted to go to see what that would look like.Closing up the tomb – hopefully Jesus’ feet were safe.Kyle and Odin were angels waiting for Sunday morning to announce, “He is alive!”The best part of the whole week was getting to spend it with grandsons Kellen and Odin!

Swimming at NRC

Our afternoon outing to Natomas Racquet Club. This are the typical responses I get when I point my camera at Avery and Sophia. Avery pauses and gives me a great smile.Sophia, on the other hand,They created a whirlpool in the baby pool.Final stop, the hot tub with NO bubbles.

Hanging pictures

Thais came over to put up a few pictures this afternoon … yay! She’s much more proficient at this task than I am.Meanwhile, there were sword fights while Lenin checked out the tv he helped me buy.Mr Adorable: