Thanksgiving 2021

We all got together at Thais and Lenin’s. One turkey was in the deep fryer and Lenin smoked a second one:

Leah and Holly (Lenin’s sisters), Lauren and Sophia:

The grandmas with all the grandchildren: Leo, Jeffery, Harper, Avery, me, Rita (Carson behind), Sophia, Brook Lynn, Lauren.


No school this week. A great time for Grandma to help out. Actually Sophia helped me out me rearranging the towels in the laundry room:

We checked a newly opened nearby park

and played Cover Your Assets.

Too much fun!

Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

Another delicious get together. Salmon taquitos (that didn’t turn out picture-perfect) with avocado crema and a layered pesto torta. And a very good bottle of wine from Yellowstone Cellars in Billings MT.


This picture is titled “Darn it Bob” – who should have been here so we didn’t have to take this selfie:

Winters-Davis bike ride

Leo did a great job organizing this ride for a large diverse group of riders.

The bridge leaving Winters, left turn ahead onto country roads. I rode sweep.

Our turn-around point in Davis at a park with restrooms. We rested, had something to eat, and visited. Some people were brand new to the group. In fact, one of them rode ahead and promptly got lost! He made his own way back to Winters – but, lesson learned when orienting new cyclists at the beginning of the ride.

Congratulations Jeorgianna – who just finished taking the Better on Bikes classes and who has never ridden more than 10 miles at one time – she finished the 25-mile ride and looked strong.

Rupert and Jeorgianna

Thursday bike ride

I rode sweep with Cheryl, Cindy, Chris, Kathy, Dani, and Jane. There’s a new I-5 overpass called Metro Air Parkway, then north to Elverta Rd, west to Garden Highway, south toward home. Very little traffic and new roads made for a great 20-mile ride. This is one of the favorite routes for Arlete’s BIG.

Walnuts – the end

Merrilyn and I made one more trip to Justin’s to process more walnuts. Because of rain showers, Justin spent about 8 hours (thank you!) raking up the last of them on the ground. Twenty big black plastic bags worth. Justin set up the chicken wire drying screen on sawhorses. Merrilyn and I sorted through 12 of the plastic bags to get 16 grocery bags into my vehicle.

Thank you Merrilyn for helping me again. Many hands made for shorter work!

Downtown murals ride

Saturday morning, Cheryl, Cindy, and I rode to W Sacramento, 4th & G Sts, to meet a group of people who will soon be living at Washington Commons Co-housing. They broke ground this month, today’s ride was a celebration of their achievement.

Thank you Anne Geraghty for requesting and organizing this ride.

An unexpected surprise: we were invited to peek inside a not-quite-open-yet street art museum on C St – a space in between.

Isabella gave us a great impromptu tour:

Anne took this picture of the whole group:

Huge thanks to Cindy and Cheryl for coming along on this ride. Their help was invaluable and made all of us safer.