New Year’s Eve

This year, we recreated our long-ago tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve with great appetizers, champagne/beer, and movies.

I made Bavarian pretzels with beer cheese sauce. Phyl made Happy Hour Mushrooms and sausage crescent bites.

Meanwhile, in Bakersfield CA, Carol (Phyl’s sister) and Jerry celebrated with Pete the Possum. (Eek!)

The creamery

Phyl and Dave’s place used to be a dairy farm. There are several outbuildings, this one is called the creamery:
We bundled up and went to see the warren of 7 rooms and 1 large workspace. This is a vast storage area but also where Dave works on various projects.
There are two more large spaces in the attic although it’s a steep climb to get there. Not as scary as Dave made it look:

Deer Lodge

Phyl and Dave live just a mile or so from Deer Lodge, a town of about 3000 people in southwest Montana. Two grocery stores, 3 restaurants, a couple of fast food places, a movie theater (open Fri-Sun and totally staffed by volunteers) and my favorite …

Quilters Corner.


Late on Christmas Day I flew to Missoula and stayed at a nearby hotel. The next morning Dave and Phyl drove over from Deer Lodge and picked me up.
Yes! It’s freaking cold here.

Christmas Eve

Dinner was at the Leah (Lenin’s sister) & Jeff’s and ALL the Del Castillo’s were there plus me and Justin. Presents were piled everywhere!

Jeff made the best-ever prime rib using the sous vide method followed by some smoking and searing on the Egg.

Sorting and distributing the gifts takes quite while. Carson thought every gift tag that started with a C belonged to him which meant he had a huge pile .. for a while.