Sacramento weather

A rare occurrence: snow that stayed on ground for more that 24 hours. But was it snow? People who have lived in real snow country said it wasn’t snow, but rather hail. Others called it “wet snow” or “soft snow.” Sacramentans do not know how to drive in it, for sure.

Mardi Gras party

Eleven days after the actual Mardi Gras but a very good party at the lodge nonetheless. Adrienne came with me! Mix and mingle in the lobby with complimentary hurricanes.Music by the Sly Fox Band:Andy the stilt walker/juggler:Most of the dancers on the floor were women dancing with each other! The lampposts were made with just balloons.So much fun and I’m so glad Ade came with me. And thanks for the daffodils, Ade.

Sunday Social

Rio Linda-Elverta Historical Society. Speaker, Don Strauch, whose family first arrived in California in 1858.The Throwdown was Valentine’s related. I made popcorn coated in white chocolate in a clear bag with red/white/pink M&Ms. Catherine made heart-shaped brownies. It was a tie (and I voted for Catherine!).


Next Saturday Adrienne and I are going to a Mardi Gras event at the clubhouse where I live. Today, there were several sessions of mask-making.Ready for the party, but we’re both wondering if we can stand wearing these masks. I’m doubtful.