Thursday at Merrilyn’s

I offered to cancel today’s get together because standing up and making an appetizer seemed like too difficult a task. But Merrilyn said to come anyway – hurray! And I did bring something (the Ruffles, not the fruit) to go with Merrilyn’s Crostini with mushrooms, beef and brie.

When I told Merrilyn I went to watch a cribbage tournament and now wanted to learn how to play, her eyes lit up. She went to her car (where she keeps her cribbage board!) and gave me a lesson. Fun!


Today, I worked at Jibe for a few hours. (Hurray, an opportunity to get out of the house and do something productive). Three LCIs worked on their final certification to teach Project Ride Smart by presenting classroom lessons and receiving feedback from Mellissa and me. Here Veronica, Dana, Lorge, and Mellissa get ready for the street rides; I drove and followed them, getting out at the various teaching stops:

Soccer season

School has started, therefore soccer season has started. Sophia is also playing volleyball so it’s going to be a busy sports season.
While Sophia practiced, Avery played with friends. At one point, he came over to get me. He had to show me something. I asked him if it was really good, because I really didn’t want to walk too far on uneven ground with my big clunky boot on. He assured me it was worth it and I should bring my camera. Definitely worth it:

Broken ankle: week 3

I started driving! My first trip was to a drive-through Starbucks. Success. Freedom. This week I explored quite a few drive-through or short-walk restaurants to pick up meals! Thursday was back-to-school night at St Ignatius so I got to watch the grandkids. Sophia and Avery were quite busy on their electronic devices but Carson and I had a great time.
The nocino was drained through many layers of coffee filters lining a colander.

And the beach houses got their beach. I practiced with a small square (don’t turn it over, it does not have a proper backing). This beach house has an RCMP pin over the door and a Marc Tetro postcard from long long ago in the background.
When I shared the above picture with cousins Phyllis and Carol, they asked about location: guest bedroom. The pillow is an up-cycled t-shirt made into a pillow cover.
In the living/dining area on an antique sewing cabinet:
And I went to a cribbage tournament at the lodge on Saturday (my outing for the day) not to play but to watch. Two couples I know in the community were playing and I wanted to cheer them on (and get out of the house). Sixteen participants, double elimination.
Top two. Jackie Howard (left) came in 2nd, Suzanne Price was the tournament winner.

Importance of butter

This morning, I got to watch the grandkids! Sophia and Avery did their own thing while Carson and I played. Carson is always in charge of what we do and how we play. Bird bingo is one of his favorites and we play until all the squares have been covered.
After Mom got home, he asked for a roll with butter and wanted to put the butter on by himself. Like his brother and grandmother, Carson loves butter. The bread is incidental.
This is what happened when Mom decided he’d had enough butter.
I agree Carson. Butter is important.

Broken ankle: week 2

I can not stay in bed all day anymore! I must do something. I searched for ideas online. I wanted some kind of handwork that would use stuff I already had. When Jennifer and Justin came by on Tuesday evening (with a pizza),

I asked Justin to get out my boxes of felt. Within a few days, I had lots of supplies spread out everywhere. Guest bed:
Sewing cabinet:
Dining table:
By the end of week 2:
Do they need a beach?

Broken ankle: week 1

Ugh, in bed all week. So many people offered help: friends, family, neighbors – it’s a blessing to have such a wonderful support group. Food, visits, texts, emails – thank you everyone. Adrienne, Linda, and I usually meet at a Starbucks to visit. This week we still had our Starbucks treats but in my bedroom!

Maria came by on Saturday.
By Monday, I was able to hang out with Jim and Lucy NOT in the bedroom. Progress!
Yes, my ankle hurts, but the worst achy pain came later – my shoulders and upper arms from using the crutches. By the end of week 1, I was able to put some weight on my left heel (only) which made using the crutches somewhat easier.


Official diagnosis: Nondisplaced fracture lateral malleolus left ankle with moderate soft tissue swelling.

I have a broken ankle, the fibula. And this is where I will be for the next 4 weeks:
Unfortunately, Adrienne and I were supposed to leave today for a 5-day trip to Portland. Darn.


Monday morning. There’s a fairly big group of people here who play pickleball several times a week. I really like pickleball. In the second hour, we had a competitive doubles game going. I went for a shot, rolled my ankle, and fell. Pain! Everyone was great! Comforting words, do I need 911? (No), someone went for ice, another person went for a rolling chair, someone was holding my hand. Two people helped me into the rolling chair and into the shade. Everyone was so kind and helpful – I feel lucky to live in such a caring community! Lorraine rode my bike home and came back with crutches and her car. Waiting for Thais to take me to the doctor, but it doesn’t look good: