MIBM at Bella Bru

Businesses are celebrating May is Bike Month by offering incentives if you ride a bike. This morning, SABA offered free Bike Valet service at Bella Bru in North Natomas and gave each bicycle rider a free pastry or espresso drink. DSC01475DSC01474I worked with Aaron and Victor.DSC01473

Friday night with Justin

My phone rang at about 7:30 – it was Justin. “Mom, come outside. To the windmill. Bring your camera.” I love it when he says that!DSC01457DSC01462DSC01466Woodsquawk on the radio (a virtual/fantasy 3-day music festival featuring live acts from the best bands on the planet presented by The Eagle 96.7 every Memorial Day weekend), Track 7 beer in hand – what more could a working man want at the end of the week?DSC01469

Project Ride Smart – week 3

Monday. Every morning 40 bikes had to be taken out of the classroom they were stored in. I was thankful for student volunteers who came to help. The girl on the left came EVERY morning!
Monday and Tuesday were street ride days. LCIs Elle (standing) and Pollyanna go over the ride routes with Gina, an LCI-in-training. Also volunteering to ride sweep (last rider) were several parent volunteers, teachers, and local residents.
ABCQuick Check, a must before riding.
The ratio for each group is no more than 8 students:2 adults. If we were short on volunteers, I took the smaller red group and stayed on the park trails and residential streets adjacent to the park. The red group always has more fun and rides farther than the other groups!DSC01426Mr Young is a great supporter of Project Ride Smart and rode with us.DSC01427Of course, at the end of the day, all those bicycles have to be tightly packed together in one teacher’s classroom (Thanks you Becky!) and then a long cable threaded through the frames and securely locked! Usually the other LCIs did this task while I took the students back to their classroom to gather colored jerseys and put away helmets.
Tuesday. DSC01436The girl on the left learned to ride a bike at one of the after-school coaching sessions. While she was still a bit wobbly, her bike-riding skills improved daily.DSC01437

Friday. While the 4th graders celebrated Gold Rush days by panning for iron pyrite DSC01446and got lathered up for a shave (with a popsicle stick),DSC01448the 5th graders had a small bike rodeo on the playground. Calf Roping:DSC01450Paperboy. I made 3 additional vests on Wed/Th to have 4 altogether, but really needed 8 of them and LOTS more rolled newspapers. There were shredded bits of newspaper all over the playground by the time we were done – oops!DSC01455We called this one the Triple 8.DSC01451This is the BEST bicycle education program in the Sacramento region – I’m so glad I get to be a part of it!


Here are the many faces of youngest grandson. Getting ready to cry if I don’t pick him up quickly … but wait, sometimes those not-quite-crying sounds turn into a kind of conversation Carson has with himself.DSC01439A sweet 30-minute nap.DSC01440Awake and happy.DSC01442DSC01444This was my last Wednesday to watch Carson for a couple of hours. Thais goes back to work next week.

Project Ride Smart – week 2

Monday/Tuesday: Blacktop drills. Oh my, it’s hot standing on the blacktop for hours in 90-degree heat! Mellissa Meng, School Programs Manager for NNTMA, gives instructions for the next skill drill which I was about to demonstrate on my bike:DSC01346
Hurray for LCIs-in-training! Gina worked with the red and blue group doing their ABCQuick Check:
Neal worked with the yellow/green group:DSC01352
Good friends who wanted me to take their picture:DSC01349
Friday: the first neighbor hood ride. Today’s weather was so different from Monday/Tuesday. Cold, windy and … rain for the last riding group of the day!DSC01406While I shivered under a picnic table covering, the students ran off to the playground equipment. When the big downpour ended, we hurried back to campus. Fun at all times!DSC01408