Holiday party

At Archie and Sandy’s. Always a fun event.

Checking in on Archie’s model train project, there are improvements and additions every year. Archie says it will never be finished.
This little Christmas tree is all horses, a passion of Sandy’s.
Sandy has been riding horses and competing for decades. She also sews all of her fancy riding jackets.

From the sewing cave

Black faux leather tunic over floral turtleneck:
With the scraps and a long-ago-purchased t-shirt from a trip to Canada, I made a pillow for Justin’s couch:
Sophia picked this flannel for her annual pajama bottoms:
I took apart an old Wild Bryde farm animal necklace – I think I wore it once to the Sacramento County Fair when Justin and Thais were in 4-H (necklace totally out of place, by the way) – and used the animals to make an Old MacDonald Christmas stocking. It wasn’t quite finished on Christmas Eve when everyone was over, but I did show it to Thais and Carson, who pointed to the farmer and asked, “Is that me?”
This was my holiday season of sewing. Now what should I make?

Christmas Eve dinner

At Leah (Lenin’s sister) and Jeff Kral’s.

When it’s time to open presents, everyone stakes out a location in the room or on the stairs. Carson chose to sit between my legs on the lower steps 🙂 He waited patiently while all the presents were passed out.

Christmas program

At St Ignatius. The students sit at the back of the church in their grade-level groups. Sophia and 4th grade classmates:
It’s very crowded. Arriving 30 minutes early and getting in line before the doors open is a must if you want a seat closer to the front.
I used to try to get really close to take pictures of each group, kneeling on a cold floor for too long. Now, I briefly stand up, zoom in as far as possible, and hope for the best. Sophia is in the first row, far left (I think).
Our crew:
The last song, “Go Tell It on the Mountain”, all students stand in the aisles, and everyone sings.

Avery and Carson

Victorian Christmas

My neighbor Kathie and I drove to Nevada City this morning.
We got there early, most of the shops were open, but not many street vendors were operating yet. The official start time was 1:30.

We had lunch at Sopa Thai and were quite happy with the huge portions and great taste.
What a fun day! We will do this again. Our timing was perfect. By the time we got back to our car, the rain had begun. It was a wet careful drive home, but we were dry!