Dinosaur Science Fair

I picked up Avery from the after-school program – dinosaurs are an area of expertise for him. After we watched Sophia, Olivia, and Zada’s presentation, Avery motioned me down to his level and whispered in my ear, “Grandma, take pictures of everything.” No problem.Avery and the science teacher discussed dinosaur names. At one point, Avery sweetly disagreed with her on the name of one dinosaur. I think he was right, too.
Here is a link to a YouTube video: https://youtu.be/4MFRYbnk7tM


Whitney Ave Elementary is not a bike-riding school.This is my third week of work, just 2 days/week but it’s just the right amount.The second grade pedestrian lesson: “Look left, right, left again. Cross if it’s safe. Keep looking left and right. Don’t run.” Repeat. Repeat. It is a challenge to keep everyone’s attention for 40 minutes.

Thursday after school

Leo and Lauren stayed for a while. Poor Carson was home with an ear infection and Thais went back to work for an hour or so. The antibiotics must have taken effect quickly because Carson was happy and active.I hover when Carson goes up the stairs, Avery also helped.He scrambles down as fast as he goes up.Once homework was finished,time to play outside.Kayla and Kellen, neighbors who also go to SI, came over for a while.

RLEHS Sunday Social

The speakers were docents from the USS Hornet, located on Pier 3 in Alameda.We had a great volunteer turnout for the Throwdown.L-R: Lyn Pitts, Normajean Thornton, Norma Horrell, Catherine Green, Allie Brown, me. Congratulations, Catherine!