Pigeon Forge TN

We left Chattanooga on Tuesday

and drove to Pigeon Forge TN. We had a great spot on a curve and got to watch lots of comings and goings.

Every dog that walked by stopped along the edge of the grass to sniff the MANY different spots and always left his/her own mark somewhere before allowing the person at the end of the leash to move on.

Watching people come in and park their rigs is fun. I admire those who can back up a trailer with precision into some narrow space. Then how they set up everything. Here a fence was set up so four little dogs could enjoy the outdoors … and bark at each passerby. Smile.

On Wednesday, we tried to ride two different trails in Sevierville. Neither one worked out and we only got 2 miles. However, Billie was able to secure a repair for one of the slide outs within 24 hours of her call.

On Thursday, Billie’s friends from Roanoke arrived in town and came by before going to their lodging for the next few days.

We are in Pigeon Forge for a line dancing get-together.

On Saturday morning, after an hour of dancing, Crystal, Rosalie, Billie and I drove to a local attraction:

We walked down a yellow tunnel,

through a cave, got on a (quiet) boat for a 20-minute tour of a 4-acre underground lake. The best part: the planted trout that know the tour guide will soon drop food into the water creating a brief feeding frenzy (that is, if the tour guide brought along enough food).

Good friends from line dancing in Roanoke. Billie won’t see Rosalie or Crystal for quite a while:

Sunday. We’re leaving tomorrow so it’s time to plan and get ready. The traffic in Pigeon Forge is beyond reasonable so we were out early gathering supplies. The rest of the day was laundry, catching up on loose ends, finishing small tasks, making …

We are ready to move on. Where are we going next?

Your bike rides this week

Sunday May 23. At the Tower Bridge with Cheryl Leo Dani Barbara Jane and Jonathan:

Congratulations Dani – 3000 miles on your trike!

Monday May 24. Around the airport ride with Cheryl Jane Barbara Leo Shiloh Cindy and Kathy:

Thursday May 27. Shiloh and daughter:

Dani, Cheryl, is that you?-Leo, Kathy:

Friday May 28. Cheryl found the new Jibe banners for the new development coming to N Natomas:

Saturday May 29. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl, Jonathan:

Tennessee River Park again

Because of trail closures, we decided to ride the parkway again until we got to the Hunter Museum then cross the river to the North Shore neighborhood.

At the Hunter Museum, we walked the metal bridge with our bikes to the big bridge:

Tennessee River:

After stopping at Julie Darling, we crossed the street to

and made our way under the traffic bridge to enjoy our decadent breakfast at:

Exploring Coolidge Park and views of downtown Chattanooga:

14 miles today! Three rides this week – yay!

Tennessee River Park

Monday. We drove to the Hawthorn Trailhead of the S Chickamauga Creek Greenway and, incorrectly, started riding toward Sterchi Farm.

We turned around and took a different fork in the road. To the right, the trail was closed for the Covid-19 vaccination site. To the left, the Tennessee River Park.

Bluff view art district:

A “Lombard Street” for bicyclists. This is the view from the Hunter Museum:

We walked!

We rode to the (current) end of the trail at the Wheland Foundry Trailhead:

Great ride! 23 miles.

S Chickamauga Creek Greenway

We actually wanted to ride the Chattanooga Riverwalk aka Tennessee Riverpark. It was early morning when we parked at the trailhead at the dam.

We started out on the 16-mile trail. After a quarter mile, there was a sign that said the trail was closed. A park employee said it was because they were giving Covid-19 vaccinations up ahead so they closed the trail. We turned around.

There was also an ironman competition happening downtown, so we decided to try Plan B. We drove to Camp Jordan Park, a trailhead for the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway.

There’s a 2-mile paved loop around the 275-acre park

before it veers off to the northwest:

Chickamauga Creek:

The trail ended at Shallowford Rd, we turned around and rode back.

Since we’d only ridden about 10 miles, we decided to load up and drive to the trailhead for the Northern Chickmauga Creek Trail to ride another 8 miles or so. However the road to the trailhead was:

Since we were only 1 for 3 on attempts to go for a good ride, we decided the universe wanted us to go to Starbuck’s instead.

Food tour

Yesterday we drove to Chattanooga Tennessee, but our RV park is a few steps away in Rossville GA.

This afternoon we drove to downtown and found Hotel Indigo

and the bar upstairs where we would meet our guide for a food tour. We arrived early to have a pre-dinner drink. I tried the Chattanooga Hooligans Kolsch – very good. (Adrienne will remember that you’re only supposed to drink a Kolsch beer in Cologne Germany.)

We met Breanna, our guide, and the rest of the group promptly at 5 and the first sampling came out: wings seasoned in two different ways, great hot seasoned fries, and house-made ranch dressing.

A short walk down the street to:

We would try two different restaurants at the Westin. The first:

At right: Breanna, Chatt Food Tour guide

Perfectly grilled filet sitting on garlic parmesan mashed potatoes, bourbon brown sugar glazed carrots, and onion rings brought out and served by Chef Margarito. Everything was delicious!

I had a great conversation with Chef Margarito:

Then we went upstairs to Paloma for Spanish tapas.

By this time, we’d gotten to know everyone in our group a little bit.

L-R: rabbit croquettes with pepper sauce, portobello slices, and crostini with goat cheese and red pepper.

You can imagine that we were a bit full by this time, so it was a good idea that we picked up our to-go desserts at

We walked another block or so to see a couple of Chattanooga’s art alleys.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair:

Once we were back in Sallie, we enjoyed dessert. Lemon cheesecake with salted caramel and apples. A fine ending to a great food tour.

Your bike rides this week

Saturday May 15. Jonathan, Kathy, Leo, Cheryl, and Barbara discovered Rio Linda/Elverta Farm and Tractor Days at the Dry Creek Ranch House on today’s ride:

Sunday May 16. Cindy and Shiloh:

Monday May 17. 19 mies for Dani, Cheryl, Jane, Leo, Cindy, Kathy:

Tuesday May 18. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl, Cindy:

Wednesday May 19. Dani, Kathy, Jane, Cheryl, Barbara:

Thursday May 20. Barbara, Cheryl:

Friday May 21. Barbara, Brian, Cindy, Jonathan (picture by Cheryl):

Saturday May 22. Ride with Jibe. So glad Arlete’s BIG riders participated in this event!

What a huge group from all over N Natomas riding today:

Shiloh, daughter, Cindy:

Sullivan Creek Ranch

A Harvest Host located in Vinemont AL. A beautiful 300-acre ranch with a herd of 110 Akaushi cattle.

We parked next to one of the barns on the property:

Our view back toward the driveway entrance:

After setting up, we took a walk down the hill in this direction:

Greg Anderson, owner and part of the “Alabama cowboy tradition.”

Greg’s wife Emily came out and sold us some beef from their freezers:

Evil chimes

We planned to ride today, but the weather was iffy, and the wind was blowing … and we talked ourselves out of it. Time for laundry before we leave tomorrow. This rustic looking tiny building was the laundry room – very nice inside though. Everything was going well until Billie warned me about buildings like this … watch for snakes. Snakes!

Our spot at this campground was rather close to the neighbors on either side of us. Lolli and Pop (really!) are to the right. At the back of their rig – and right next to Billie’s bedroom window – were a large set of chimes.

Don’t let the smiling face in the next picture fool you. Those chimes rang 24/7 for four days and someone was NOT happy.

Tanglefoot Trail MM 43.6-29

Today we drove to the northern trailhead in New Albany MS. We parked just off Main Street on the other side of the tracks from this engine. The Tanglefoot was named after one of the engines that ran up and down this track when it was in use in the late 1800s.

The beginning of the trail at Mile Marker 43.6 was beautiful. At the end of the ride, we got (our first) coffee at Brew Albany at the end of the ride:

At first, I wondered if this was going to be another “tunnel of trees” ride, i.e. not much to see beyond trees …

but the trail opened up to views of the countryside.

Every time I see a tractor, I think of Justin who has a few tractors and always seems to be restoring one of them. This one could use some of his TLC:

One of the small towns we rode through, Ecru. The mural depicting its history:

Mile Marker 29, our turn-around point:

And then it began to mist … rain as I got back to the starting point. 30 miles and a little bit wet. Load the bikes, lock up everything and walk back to:

A delicious ending to a great ride.