to Hattiesburg MS

On Thursday, we drove to Cottondale AL, near Tuscaloosa, and spent one night at Sunset RV Park.

Early this morning, we got on the road. Fueling up with the big boys:

It was a very good day. 180+ miles in a relatively short amount of time, very little traffic, decent roads. We arrived in Hattiesburg MS before noon and were able to check in early.

I love you from my head to my …

Wills Creek Vineyards and Winery

We drove to Attalla AL this morning to a Harvest Host:

We were able to park right in front of the tasting room:

Later in the afternoon, after the tasting room had closed, we enjoyed a cold bottle of their Orange Sangria with cheese and crackers on the back deck of the tasting room. We had the place to ourselves.

View from the deck:

Janie, the owner, came out to visit. Then her neighbor/brother-in-law walked around the fence and came over to chat.

This bird tried really hard to chirp louder than our music was playing:

These geese were entertaining to watch. Janie said one goose had been recently nabbed by a snapping turtle in the pond, so now the widow/er hangs out with the remaining couple. No other geese were allowed to land in this meadow.

Another great Harvest Hose experience!

Rain rain, go away

This morning, while it wasn’t raining, we got the laundry done. And picked up what we needed to spend an afternoon/evening inside while it stormed and to prep for leaving tomorrow. Time to cook:

Ready to go except for wrapping the quiches individually. Must be time to …

The sign says, “Antique phone, not in use.”

Cumming GA

Yesterday we drove about 80 miles to Cumming GA. We planned to ride the Big Creek Greenway today but the weather had a different idea:

We changed our plans and decided to do laundry and run errands but the weather was rather severe. That’s us, the blue dot ..

Maybe tomorrow will be more productive?

Brasstown Bald

When you see the first picture in this post, know that my panic attack had pretty much subsided by time I took the picture. The last part of the drive to the interpretive center was 3 miles climbing 1808 feet, average grade = 11.2% AVERAGE grade – in fact, one quarter-mile section is a 16% grade. Coming up to one of the steeper sections on a curve, a cyclist was followed by two vehicles, then me. The cyclist couldn’t move over, there was no shoulder and it was a sheer drop beyond that. The first two vehicles got around the cyclist but when I tried, in stick-shift Versie, I stalled out, in the middle of the road. That’s when I panicked. The car behind me just drove around me, a car coming down the hill drove on the wrong side of the road and went around me. I was terrified. Billie saved the day, she gave instructions, we changed places, and she gunned it out of there. I was still shaking by the time we got to the top and it took a while to get out of the car.

Oh hurray, another uphill climb. But no stairs this time which I hoped would make it better.

4784 feet – Georgia’s highest point. A 360-degree view. On a clear day you can see four states. This would be east with a view of S Carolina:

Northwest to N Carolina and Tennessee:

Lake Chatuge which straddles Georgia and N Carolina. Hiawassee is a small town on the southeastern side. Our campground is 6 miles from town.

Then 6/10 mile down the trail:

Oooh, my legs need some rest!

Your bike rides this week

Monday: Dani Kathy Leo Jane Barbara Cheryl Jonathan Rich. Big group! Hurray.

Tuesday: Leo Kathy Cheryl Dani and Jonathan

Wednesday. Fun day for this group, they rode downtown for lunch.

Jane Cindy Cheryl and Jonathan:

Thursday. Great shot by Jonathan of Barbara Cheryl and Kathy from the Guy West Bridge:


Friday. Cindy Jonathan Kathy and Cheryl stopped at Linden Park. One of my favorites because there’s some cool public art that can be easily missed.

May is Bike Month. Get your bike out, go for a ride and have more fun.