Tanglefoot Trail MM 43.6-29

Today we drove to the northern trailhead in New Albany MS. We parked just off Main Street on the other side of the tracks from this engine. The Tanglefoot was named after one of the engines that ran up and down this track when it was in use in the late 1800s.

The beginning of the trail at Mile Marker 43.6 was beautiful. At the end of the ride, we got (our first) coffee at Brew Albany at the end of the ride:

At first, I wondered if this was going to be another “tunnel of trees” ride, i.e. not much to see beyond trees …

but the trail opened up to views of the countryside.

Every time I see a tractor, I think of Justin who has a few tractors and always seems to be restoring one of them. This one could use some of his TLC:

One of the small towns we rode through, Ecru. The mural depicting its history:

Mile Marker 29, our turn-around point:

And then it began to mist … rain as I got back to the starting point. 30 miles and a little bit wet. Load the bikes, lock up everything and walk back to:

A delicious ending to a great ride.

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