Walnut crop 2016

Once I felt I’d recovered enough from my bicycle crash, I had to get out to the walnut trees and get the absolute last of this year’s crop. The grass had grown quite a bit, I raked the leaves the best I could, but the best way to discover all the fallen gems was to step carefully. Lots of bending over!dsc04485I gathered about 55 pounds to make the grand total this year 560 pounds!dsc04486

Pie Making Day

From the Sewing Cave: two sets of four open-wide zippered pouches from a collection of fabrics called Pie Making Day by Brenda Ratliff.dsc04469There were 11 different fabrics in the collection.dsc04463Once nested, they were reduced to this.dsc04462

Christmas Day

We had brunch at Justin’s house.dsc04428dsc04433A nativity scene to play with.dsc04443dsc04440dsc04437Going for a ride in Grandma’s new Walnut Wagon.dsc04450Another way to transport onesself.dsc04452dsc04459Sophia read to her brother, Bill O’Reilly’s book Give Please a Chance.dsc04458While Mom and Uncle Justin discussed a landscape design plan,dsc04453Sophia and Avery investigated a dirt pile.dsc04456

Christmas Eve

At Leah (Lenin’s sister) and Jeff’s. Cousins! Avery has his hand on Leo’s head, Sophia is open-mouthed, Cameron is wearing a hat, and Lauren and Jeffery are to the right.dsc04385Prime rib for dinner!dsc04387Cousins Jeffery and Christian check to see who’s taller.dsc04394dsc04403dsc04398dsc04423

When Grandma babysits …

It’s ok to have a little ice cream for breakfast.dsc04368And lick a gingerbread house.dsc04371We went to a nearby Goodwill store to find a 100% wool sweater to make mittens and we ran into a commercial being filmed inside the store.dsc04372Playing hide-and-seek with the neighbors!dsc04373-1

Field trip with Justin

Going to Maisie Jane’s in Chico is an annual trip for Justin. This year I was invited to go along … yay!dsc04349Another of Justin’s favorite stops:dsc04351Lunch at Sierra Nevada Brewery:dsc04352dsc04353dsc04354In the space above the gift shop, you can see a collection of Santas begun in the 1980s by Karen Gosner, Mrs Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.dsc04355dsc04356dsc04360dsc04361Days like today are so special. Thank you Justin for inviting me to go along!