Halloween costume done …

Avery and I consulted on this year’s Halloween costume about a month ago. He wanted to be this anime character:

Not sure what’s going on with this character’s left arm, but I was able to figure out the light lavender vest. Also requested, a black cape.

Country Centre 4-H

I went to the club meeting tonight at Sierra Oaks Community Church. It was project sign-up night. I was approached about advising for a bicycle safety project scheduled for next Jan-May. I was in 4-H in the 1960s, Thais and Justin were in 4-H in the 1980s and 90s. Time to give back. But, will anyone sign up?

Office Hours

The first in-person get together following the first Better on Bikes class. A very nice turnout. L-R: Avelina, Amy, Maria, Kerri, Sergio, Cheryl, Barbara, me. Cheryl and Barbara were in the BoB1 classes and have been riding for the past 11 months. Cheryl has ridden over 4800 miles!!

Saddle Up Saturday

The goal was to meet at Bad Bakers between 9:45-10:15. Cheryl, Leo, Barbara and I left from Four Seasons Westshore at 9:00.

Everyone who arrived by bicycle had 2 choices. I would buy them a donut or they could spend $10 and get a $15 gift card. This little event was pretty good, nice turnout. Below, Sue and Rich (BoB3), Barbara (BoB1), Sergio (BoB3), Rich and Mary, Cheryl (BoB1), Leo (BoB1):

Project Ride Smart

The last day with the final two 5th grade classes.

Two groups of great kids. One of the fun attributes of Project Ride Smart at Natomas Park Elementary is a parallel dirt trail with a narrow path, bumps, wet areas, a hill with a little mud. Students have the option to ride it, most choose to do it laughing and/or screaming all the way.

Charlie Heieck took this picture of the NPE team – Mellissa, Gina, me, Deanna, Sue:

This was too much fun not to do it again … as needed. I also like not working 🙂