Office Hours

It was a bit chilly on Sunday morning, nevertheless 8 participants in Better on Bikes came out for Office Hours. We did a few bike drills and went for a ride around Fisherman’s Lake – 2.75 miles. Those who wanted a few more miles went an second time with an extension to El Centro Rd.

Bike Doc

This Saturday morning, it was at Four Seasons Westshore. Three mechanics pulling (225-pound) trailers with all the equipment you see in the following pictures. They rode about 3 miles on Del Paso Rd with a climb over I-5 (on/off ramps require vigilance and caution).

Party Car

Today Avery turned 9 years old. Being the strange year that it is, our party happened right here:

A gift in the back seat and TWO items each from Starbucks. Happy Birthday!! And three days later, Hedwig was finished:

Office Hours

Part of Better on Bikes is an optional informal meeting on Sunday afternoon. About 10 people came today. I checked helmet and bike fits, answered questions, and lead a 1.4-mile ride around the block.

Breathe Bike Trek

Because of this year’s fires and unhealthy air quality, the Breathe Bike Trek was postponed twice. Today it finally happened. There was the option to ride independently in your local area – which is what I did. I was part of the team from Jibe … they met at 7:30 am in the Granite Bay area to start the ride (a 45-minute drive from my house). I slept in and started at 9:30 – smile – from just outside my garage.

My first stop was at Heritage Park where Bike Doc was happening.

Rest stop:

19 miles strong!

Better on Bikes 1

Tonight was the first Better on Bikes class. On Zoom, moderated by William at Jibe – thank goodness! He handled everyone’s technical issues, 25 participants with most of them from Four Seasons Westshore. The clock in the background helped me stick to the time checks. Everything went really well – whew! I’ve been working a lot on this project and was a bit nervous leading up to 5:30.

WOW w Merrilyn

Another fun outing recently was a tour of all the finished Wide Open Walls murals with Merrilyn. I combined my volunteer routes from Saturday and Sunday into one. Rather than show you everything we saw, here are my/our favorites.

Spencer Keeton Cunningham:

1511 Del Paso Blvd, north wall

Not only the walls, but the enclosure and trash container in the parking lot.

Shonna McDaniels:

1403 19th St

Ana Valentine:

Stockton Blvd @ X St

And a delicious lunch at Coriander:

1899 Alhambra Blvd

This was a fun tour. Who wants to go next? Carol? Phyllis? You would both love it! Anyone else?