Urban Cycling Class

For the last few months, I’ve been working periodically on a project for SABA: a 6-hour Urban Cycling Class for residents in Rancho Cordova. Then Covid-19 interrupted everything. We transitioned to an online class. The first one was today.

Figuring out how to conduct a Zoom class with a Keynote presentation was challenging. In fact, I hope we can do the next 5 classes in person with really good social distancing, a portable voice amplifier (like tour guides use), and whatever else we need to do to be safe and keep me from tackling another Zoom presentation. Fingers crossed.

Welcome back to California

Yesterday I drove 952 miles. I left at 5:30, drove to Well NV, met Dave and Phyl who had driven from Deer Lodge MT. Amazingly we arrived at our meeting point within minutes of each other. After a short break, we all got back into our vehicles and drove home. Phyl and I got back to my house at 7:30 pm, just 30 minutes before the curfew required us to be off the streets.

This morning, we went for a walk around Fisherman’s Lake:

Another bike ride

Today Pete and I rode into Old Sac then to W Sacramento along the short Riverwalk Trail. To cross back over the river, we had to walk over the very old I St bridge (the lanes are too narrow to safely allow bike travel.

Looking south toward the Tower Bridge:

Bike ride

One of the guidelines for trail riding is not to block the trail. But sometimes, you have to slow down, stop and appreciate what’s ahead:

Other times, blocking the trail is just plain annoying:

And the dog was not on a leash. And no one moved despite a ringing bell.