Your bike rides this week

Wednesday March 22. Rachel and Brenda:

Thursday March 23. Maria and Tony:

Friday March 24. Rachel and Agueda:

Saturday March 25. Paul and Jim:

Brenda and Agueda:

Michael, Kathy, Yingce, Stacy, Dani

BarbaraB and Cheryl:

Sunday April 26. Me, Brenda, BarbaraL:

BarbaraB and Cheryl:

SABA Social Ride

Brenda, BarbaraL and I rode in from N Natomas. Because Discovery Park was closed due to flooding, our safest choice to get across the river was Highway 160. We used the on ramp from Northgate Blvd, took the lane while 45 mph-traffic moved left to go around us. Being Sunday morning, there wasn’t a lot of traffic. Just after crossing the river, we were able to move right onto a Class IV cycle track onto 12th St. We met at Drip Espresso at 24th & J Streets.

At 10:30, the ride began: a tour of murals created by and featuring women.

State of Natomas

Jibe invited me to this annual event put on by the Chamber of Commerce. Many speakers shared upcoming projects and ideas for the future. Mayor Steinberg, State Senator Angelique Ashby, Councilmembers Lisa Kaplan and Karina Talamontes, and leaders from many local agencies.

Councilmember Lisa Kaplan, me, Lisa Pray/North Natomas Community Coalition, Mateo Ramirez-Mercado/District 1 Director. I work with Lisa and Mateo as the District 1 Active Transportation Commissioner.

Michelle Reynolds/Jibe’s Program Manager for Business and Community Outreach:

Your bike rides this week

Wednesday March 15. Rachel and Brenda:

Thursday March 16. Elaine and Terri:

Rachel and Brenda:

Friday March 17. Maria and Tony:

Rosalyn and Cheryl:

Maria, Brenda, Agueda:

Sunday March 19. Brian:

Monday March 20. Tony and Maria:

Rachel and Brenda:


Sophia is in 8th grade and just a few months away from high school. Today was her confirmation.

At St Ignatius, lined up before the ceremony began, with her sponsor, cousin Lauren (left) and friend Delaney:

Our pew: Lenin, Thais, Avery, Carson, Uncle Jeff, Auntie Leah, Lala/Rita, Uncle Lino.

Later, we had lunch at Mikuni’s. Justin and Jennifer too!

Ride Ready Repair

at John Cabrillo Elementary, sponsored by SABA. A school fair with booths,


Wide Open Walls in action, and

free bike repair.

Happy customer:

Plus a free tickets for a raffle to give away several kids bikes.

Active Transportation Commission

Thursday was our monthly meeting, but the first time for an in-person meeting in more than three years …

in the City of Sacramento Council Chambers.

Jennifer Donlon Wyant, Transportation Planning Manager, is the person who organizes and frequently presents at our meetings – one of her staff members took a few pictures of our group before the meeting started.