Sewing project

A couple of weeks ago, Jibe asked if I could sew their logo patch onto some picnic blankets. Sure.

I finished 10 of them and thought all along the way how to make the process faster, more efficient.

Grandchildren to the rescue for the final 20 blankets. Big thanks to Dad who made the suggestion. Everyone unboxed, unwrapped, and opened up the blankets. Sophia laid out one blanket at a time on the ironing board and pinned back the inside label, set up the ruler, patch, and pins.

I pinned and sewed on the patch.

Avery unpinned, refolded, rezipped.

Carson packed up the finished product:

What would have taken me 5 hours took just 2! One happy grandma by noontime!

All-star baseball

At Morse Park in Elk Grove. Avery had games on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday. Avery’s River Park team beat the team from Galt. Avery bunted a fair ball just inside the line and made it to first:

Monday. River Park v Laguna. A hit to the outfield:

Avery scored the only run River Park got.

Sadly River Park lost.

Folsom Rodeo

Justin and I met at Thais and Lenin’s house for dinner.

Despite the nearby overhead lines, the parachutist made a perfect landing:

All the usual rodeo events including barrel racing:

And, of course, fireworks at the end:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday June 26. I rode with Brenda, Paul, Lennore, Jim, Terri, and Sarah in N Natomas on the east side of I-5:

Brenda got a flat. Fixing it became a group project, but no one had a tube that would fit so we began discussing the next solution. Brenda was determined to keep riding so she asked her husband to load up her other bike, drive to our location and swap it for the flat-tire bike. Great idea!

Barbara at the Guy West Bridge:

Monday June 27. I rode with Leo, Cheryl and Terri:

Tuesday June 28. Cindy and Terri:

Thursday June 30. Terri and me at the entrance to Discovery Park:

Friday July 1. I rode with Terri to the end of Jackrabbit Trail at Elkhorn Blvd:


Today when I arrived, the games were stacked in order of play. First up, bird bingo.

Carson always chooses a couple of memory games – he knows he can win those.

End of story?

It was supposed to be, but not quite. I bought an e-bike on March 5, but it was a lemon. There were no similar replacements anywhere so Midtown Trek ordered the one I wanted, the 2022 model. It arrived about two weeks ago, but the front fork was damaged in shipping, the back fender scuffed, the front fender with a dent. The replacement fork was sent right away but did not match the rest of the bike. It will be September before the correct parts arrive. Meanwhile, I want to ride this bike so on went the wrong-color fork and imperfect fenders. First stop was Dani and Kathy’s house. Dani has done ALL the work to get the bike to this point, plus a zero dollar outlay from me for a newer model and a very nice electronic accessory! So nice to know an excellent consumer advocate. Thanks Dani!

I am ready to ride!


My very first charrette – “an intensive planning session where citizens, designers and others collaborate on a vision for development.” Jibe invited me and other community members to check out possibilities for improving signage on local trails.

In the range of design choices, from traditional to artistic signage, we all encouraged a design more in the artistic range. I’m looking forward to see what the design team comes up with.