Religious experience

So, today was the Blessing of the Animals at church. Hmmmm … I think I should check on the walnuts instead. Beautiful weather, quiet pastoral setting, peacefulness, animals on the other side of the fence.
I’m so glad to have a wagon and the Weasel Nut Gatherer. The tree branches are so low to the ground that stooping is still required – along with banging your head on a branch every now and then.
There weren’t too many walnuts on the ground but look up!
Prying off the green husk results in brown-stained fingers:
Hanging by a thread:

19 pounds. The season begins!!

Soccer practice

Billie left early Tuesday morning. Time to get back to the regular routine, like – Project Ride Smart at Natomas Park Elementary. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, I took Sophia and Avery to soccer practice. How to entertain Grandma: pedal a tractor while carrying a crow and wearing a miniature Teddy Roosevelt hat.

Billie’s last day

I wanted Billie to see what teaching Project Ride Smart was like. Today we volunteered at Natomas Park Elementary to help Deanna and Gina with blacktop drills.

Later we met Adrienne at Zocalo’s in Roseville for appetizers. Fun!

Pushkin’s and a movie

This morning, Billie and I grabbed breakfast at Pushkin’s,then a drink at Starbuck’s, and went to the sitting area outside Tower Theater to eat. Then we saw The Wife with Glenn Close. Excellent movie.

In the evening, Billie made pizza (that’s wine-braised onion):

Jazz evening

Too much fun. Billie and I went to Jazz Night at 4 Seasons Westshore. Thanks to my alley-neighbor Kathie, all of the ladies at our table lived on Crete Island. Yay! My neighbors.
Great music by Westbound Groove.