Out to dinner

Thais and Lenin went out for dinner tonight and the kids came over for a while. We played Hide and Seek repeatedly. Avery mostly did the hiding – he’s pretty inventive about good hiding places and small enough to fit in them. He did ask me how dirty the clothes were in the basket. Uh .. not that dirty, I guess.


Oh Charlie! It’s not good to chew on the green fort-building sticks!

The only solution was to pick up the sticks and the purple balls which Charlie also likes to chew on. Avery came to help, but partway through, he said, “Grandma, do you think you can handle the rest of this? I don’t want to die in Fortnite.” No problem. LOL.

With nothing more to chew on, Charlie headed downstairs.

Yarn Bomb

I read Crochet with London Kaye “Projects and ideas to yarn bomb your life.” At the same time I found a hole in a bright yellow t-shirt and was given 3 bright orange t-shirts. In the back of a closet, I found a red t-shirt one of my Canadian cousins gave me many years ago. Working around the dining room table, I cut 1-inch wide strips and moved them into a pile to the right,

then folded the strip in half and sewed a seam.

The strip came out the back for crocheting with a size P hook.

The first installation.

Then the yellow M kept falling down. Followed by the R. Mounting putty was not going to work.

Many little nails later.

Field Trip

This morning, Pete and Suzanne Price and I drove out to Justin’s. I needed to pick 30 green walnuts to make Nocino in a couple of days. I knew Pete and Suzanne would like to see Justin’s place.

Urban Cycling: meeting 2

Hurray! We were able to meet in person this morning at Neil Orchard Senior Center in Rancho Cordova. Cesar from SABA was a great addition. One of his skill areas is bike mechanics, therefore greatly appreciated by me. While 8 people signed up for the free class, only 1 showed up – Fayzah.

The good news, Fayzah’s three kids came to the class also.