Today was much more crowded.First ride – the Haunted House – where we got stuck twice and listened to ongoing repeats of the script.Afternoon parade.The little elf was so cute and frequently chewed on the rope in front of her while the princess in the blue dress pirouetted.

California Adventure

We got in one hour early because we stayed at a Disney hotel, so by 8:20, we’d ridden the Cars ride TWICE!The crowds would arrive later.Street entertainers.The Luigi ride – little cars doing a dance routine to a fun song. Hilarious smile-maker!Air filter swag and crescent wrench stars.Sully!Tower of Terror – another great ride!On the way back to the hotel that evening, our last stop was at one of my favorites: the Legos store!

Adventure with Adrienne

Ade and I flew to Orange County on Tuesday and took the Disney shuttle to Paradise Pier Hotel.We checked out Downtown Disney in the late afternoon:Entertainers in lobby of the Grand Californian:Behind them a 7’x12′ Gingerbread House with 25 hidden Mickeys:

Project Ride Smart

At H Allen Hight. An early morning start!I was so happy to ride my bike the 3 miles to work, at least on Monday and Tuesday. Riding with 7 am commute traffic required vigilance.We got rained out on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday was a beautiful day. In class, helmets on and personal safety check:ABCQuick Check: We divided the students into 2 large groups with 2 LCIs and a parent volunteer and went for a fun ride in Natomas Regional Park. I really liked NOT being in charge, I just showed up and did what I was told – ahhh.After work each day, I worked on a mini-quilt for a friend, Sue Schooley, who gave me a bunch of commemorative t-shirts from the annual Roseville Bikefest that she organizes. Also, a little zippered bag with the scraps.