Sports weekend

Carson was proud to be moved up to an independent gymnastics group.
Avery at indoor soccer on Sunday afternoon:
Sophia’s cold turned into walking pneumonia. She missed a few days of school and stayed home today to recover.

Lake Wildwood music

After work I drove up to Maria and Tim’s in Penn Valley. There was a special event at the clubhouse.

Maria and her sister Theresa

Nate, Maria, Liam, Tim, unknown photo-bomber

The special event was the band Pork Chop:
As always, loads of fun. Thanks for the invitation, Maria!

ELPAC testing

Another week, another dollar. We were at Woodlake and Northwood Schools this week. Biggest interruption ┬áthis week was a whole-school fire drill. Teachers hold up a green paper if all students are accounted for, red if someone is missing. Everyone is silent – mostly.

Are you wondering what else I did this week? I obsessed over a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle of Cinque Terre in Italy. Every spare minute. Sigh.

Four bears in the bed

After the Chinese New Year event, I picked up Sophia, Avery and Carson from Auntie Leah’s and went back to their house. Thais and Lenin went to an out-of-town wedding and were spending their first night away from their kids in TEN years.
There’s a Morning Sing song from long-ago school days called Ten Bears in the Bed which goes,
Ten bears in the bed
and the little one said,
“I’m crowded, roll over.”
So they all rolled over and one fell out,
Nine bears in the bed, etc. Fast forward to … Four bears in the bed … So they all rolled over and Grandma fell out, landed on her feet, and went to find a bed in another room. LOL!
The next morning:
Yay! Mom is home.