Sunday afternoon, Carson had a baseball game. He likes the pitcher position, there’s a lot more to do.

A mid-inning need for Mom’s help when his belt needed tightening.

Everyone was hitting quite well off the pitching machine. This would be a double for Carson.

Meanwhile, in the stands, one of Carson’s friend – Zane – came over to visit with Sophia.

MiBM Kickoff

May is Bike Month is here! Ten of us met Pierson at the bike/ped bridge near Peregrine Park at 10:30 am. Yes, there were 10 of us: Agueda is in the background calling out to Minerva to hurry up.

SABA and Breathe California had a kickoff event at River Park in West Sacramento .. which is directly across the river from Old Sacramento. The brown lumps at the end of the dock are two local sea lions.

Stowing our bikes at Bike Valet:

Gina, today a vendor – Gadget Girl Goods – was the instructor for Jibe’s Earn-a-Bike which is how BarbaraL met her.

Kids Bike Party

A big Jibe event. Mellissa Meng, Executive Director at Jibe, and Missy Alfranji from City Councilmember Lisa Kaplan’s office:

From Mayor Steinberg’s office:

A blender bike being assembled:

My station with co-workers, Terri and Cathy, was Ready to Ride mostly for ages 2-7.

Strider bikes with no pedals or smaller bikes with pedals. We taught one girl how to ride for sure, another girl was 7/8 successful until the final spill with scraped hands. She worked for over an hour and definitely gets an A for perseverance.

Special thanks to Rachel, Lillie and Brenda who rode along on the 4-mile family ride. Coletha and Diana monitored an intersection.

Your bike rides this week

Actually for the past two weeks. Monday April 10. Maria and Tony:

Brenda and Rachel:

Tuesday April 11. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy:

Rachel, Brenda, Agueda:

Wednesday April 12. Brenda and Agueda:

Brenda and Rachel:

Friday April 14. Brenda and Rachel:

At Teal Bend Golf Course, Dani, Cheryl, Stacey and Jane:

Saturday April 15 – Bike Around the Buttes. Sixteen people from Arlete’s BIG participated! Riding the 43-mile route, Cheryl, Stacey, Kathy,

Riding the 21-mile route, Coletha, Rachel, Brenda, Terri, Agueda, Elaine, BarbaraL (picture by Minerva):


Lori and Colleen:

A beautiful day for a bike ride:

Monday April 16. Lennore, Brenda, Lillie:

Diana and Coletha:

Monday April 17. Kathy, Barbara, Cheryl:

Brenda and Agueda:

Tuesday April 18. Maria and Tony:

Saturday April 22. Thank you, Tracy and Brenda for coming by to visit bicycle intake day #2 for Jibe’s Bike Swap.

Tony and Maria:

Tuesday April 25. I rode with Barbara, Brenda and Agueda in the late afternoon along the Garden Highway .. with the occasional small swarm of invisible bugs .. this one required an emergency stop to debug.

65 years of friendship

At Jim and Lucy’s on Monday evening, I asked Jim how long we’d known each other. Our fathers both had egg-producing chicken ranches. Jim’s dad’s ranch was just down the street from my Uncle Fred’s ranch. We went to different elementary schools until 8th grade. We decided it was probably around age 10 when we were both in Lucky Leaf 4-H Club. Jim has a vivid memory of my cousin Phyllis – who was maybe a junior or senior in high school at the time while Jim was maybe 12 years old – running a well-organized no-nonsense club meeting.

Project Ride Smart

at Regency Park Elementary. On Friday morning, I had so much fun riding with the first Red group. They improved so quickly, we were able to leave the park trail and practice signaling and right turns on the street.

On Monday morning, I got to ride with two Yellow groups. Great kids and it’s clear they learned a lot. Special thanks to the parent who rode sweep for us. She was so good, I soon had her monitoring an intersection while I coached from the opposite side of the intersection.

Bike Swap – day 3

Sunday morning – time to sell. The early crew arrived at 6:30 to begin defining the space. Then over 200 bikes were wheeled out from the ballroom and grouped according to type.

So many kids bikes, most in very good condition and priced from $20-$50.

Ms Steele, the Bike Tech teacher at Inderkum High School took a picture of her students who volunteered:

Jibe staff manned the cashier station:

Volunteers from Arlete’s BIG: Jim, Cheryl, me. Jim designed the flow of the event and sorted bikes into types. Cheryl, who rides more miles/month than anyone else, worked in the “bike pit” assisting buyers in choosing the right bike. I worked near the test ride area, making sure under-16s had a helmet fitted properly. I also taught one young girl how to ride, despite her doubtful parent.

Twenty minutes before opening, early shoppers arrived:

Kids bikes, a very popular section and most of them sold within two hours.