Your bike rides this week

Actually for the past two weeks. Monday April 10. Maria and Tony:

Brenda and Rachel:

Tuesday April 11. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy:

Rachel, Brenda, Agueda:

Wednesday April 12. Brenda and Agueda:

Brenda and Rachel:

Friday April 14. Brenda and Rachel:

At Teal Bend Golf Course, Dani, Cheryl, Stacey and Jane:

Saturday April 15 – Bike Around the Buttes. Sixteen people from Arlete’s BIG participated! Riding the 43-mile route, Cheryl, Stacey, Kathy,

Riding the 21-mile route, Coletha, Rachel, Brenda, Terri, Agueda, Elaine, BarbaraL (picture by Minerva):


Lori and Colleen:

A beautiful day for a bike ride:

Monday April 16. Lennore, Brenda, Lillie:

Diana and Coletha:

Monday April 17. Kathy, Barbara, Cheryl:

Brenda and Agueda:

Tuesday April 18. Maria and Tony:

Saturday April 22. Thank you, Tracy and Brenda for coming by to visit bicycle intake day #2 for Jibe’s Bike Swap.

Tony and Maria:

Tuesday April 25. I rode with Barbara, Brenda and Agueda in the late afternoon along the Garden Highway .. with the occasional small swarm of invisible bugs .. this one required an emergency stop to debug.

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