Your bike rides this week

Wednesday March 22. Rachel and Brenda:

Thursday March 23. Maria and Tony:

Friday March 24. Rachel and Agueda:

Saturday March 25. Paul and Jim:

Brenda and Agueda:

Michael, Kathy, Yingce, Stacy, Dani

BarbaraB and Cheryl:

Sunday April 26. Me, Brenda, BarbaraL:

BarbaraB and Cheryl:

SABA Social Ride

Brenda, BarbaraL and I rode in from N Natomas. Because Discovery Park was closed due to flooding, our safest choice to get across the river was Highway 160. We used the on ramp from Northgate Blvd, took the lane while 45 mph-traffic moved left to go around us. Being Sunday morning, there wasn’t a lot of traffic. Just after crossing the river, we were able to move right onto a Class IV cycle track onto 12th St. We met at Drip Espresso at 24th & J Streets.

At 10:30, the ride began: a tour of murals created by and featuring women.

Your bike rides this week

Wednesday March 15. Rachel and Brenda:

Thursday March 16. Elaine and Terri:

Rachel and Brenda:

Friday March 17. Maria and Tony:

Rosalyn and Cheryl:

Maria, Brenda, Agueda:

Sunday March 19. Brian:

Monday March 20. Tony and Maria:

Rachel and Brenda:

Your bike rides this week

*Actually, these are your bike rides from March 1-14.

Wednesday March 1. Braving the wind, Brenda and Rachel:

Friday March 3. Minerva took this picture of Brenda and Agueda:

Saturday March 4. Minerva took this picture of Rachel, Brenda, Jim, and Agueda:

Sunday March 5. Brenda, Rachel, and Agueda:

Monday March 6. Brenda and Rachel:

Tuesday March 7. Maria:

Dani, Kathy, Cheryl:

Wednesday March 8. Brenda and Rachel:

Friday March 10. Minerva took this picture of Maria and Brenda:

Sunday March 12. Brenda and Rachel:

Monday March 13. Maria and Tony:

Thanks to everyone who kept sending me pictures and miles ridden while I was in Cuba. A shout-out to Manolo, our bicitaxi driver in Remedios: Great turn signal and check over his shoulder before making a left turn.

Your bike rides this week

Monday February 20. Minerva took this picture of Rosalyn, Brenda, Elaine, Lennore, me, Rachel, Tracy, Agueda, and Lillie.

Tuesday February 21. Maria and Tony:

A quick stop to chat with a friend from work. Nathan, Chris, Barbara:

Saturday February 25. Maria:

Yes, it was COLD. Me, Jim, Brenda, Lillie, Lennore, Rachel:

In February, a bicyclist can expect the first 70-degree days. We had one, barely. Now, at the end of the month, it’s cold and rainy. Good for California drought conditions but not so good for cycling.

Go Lady Hawks!

One of the ladies in our ride group, Agueda, has a daughter who teaches at Natomas High School and coaches the girls’ swim team. This week they had fundraisers at local restaurants. Today, four of us met for lunch at Mountain Mike’s Pizza to benefit the team. Agueda, Rachel and Brenda:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday February 12. On today’s ride: me, Brenda, Rachel, Maria, Agueda, Yingce. Rachel on the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail:

Monday February 13. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl:

Minerva took this picture of Brenda and Agueda:


Wednesday February 15. Rachel, Brenda, Rosalyn:

Thursday February 16. Rachel and Brenda:

Friday February 17. Dani, Jane, Cheryl, Kathy:

The history of Sacramento in traffic lights. Minerva took this picture of me, Brenda, and Agueda:

Thanks you Coletha for organizing tonight’s Bike Party:

Saturday February 18. In Granite Bay at the beginning of the ride. Jonathan took this picture of Stacey, Michael, Dani, Kathy, Sheila, Yingce, and Cheryl:

Brenda, Jim, Tracy:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday February 5. Brenda and Rachel:

Monday February 6. Dani and Stacey:

Agueda and Brenda also rode:

Tuesday February 7. Maria and Tony:

Brenda and Rachel:

Late in the afternoon, I went for a ride with Nathan and Andrea:

Wednesday February 8. Cheryl and Jane saw the Tower Bridge go up to let a boat pass through.

Thursday February 9. Dani and Stacey:

Jonathan took this picture of Cheryl and Kathy:

391 miles

Jane and Barbara went for bike ride – no picture. On a different ride, Tracy took this picture of Rachel and Jim:

Meanwhile, a big group of us drove to Granite Bay to ride some rolling hills. Jonathan took this picture of Elaine, Agueda, Brenda, Maria, me, Stacey, Cheryl, Kathy, Sheila, Michael, and Dani. Minerva also rode.

There were two ride groups. Dani led the faster group who rode 30 miles. Kathy led another group who rode 23 miles. This was the first time for some cyclists riding rolling hills – North Natomas and all of Sacramento is flat. The non-e-bike riders also has a harder time, shifting was important.

We were all about 5 miles from the end of the ride when it began to sprinkle, then rain. Despite being wet and cold, we all had a great time. And a couple more people are thinking an e-bike might be a good idea.