Your bike rides this week

Sunday January 2. A good way to begin 2022. Leo took this picture of Barbara and Cheryl:

Wednesday January 5. Cheryl, Barbara and I did a pre-ride for tomorrow night’s Bike Party:

Thursday January 6. Bike Party, an 8-mile slow roll through the neighborhood:

Saturday January 7. Leo was the ride leader, with me, Cheryl and Jane following, when we were passed by a very large and very fast group of cyclists. For a while, we rode with the “big boys.”

Perhaps a new favorite destination ride: hot dogs at Costco.

Monday January 10. Jonathan took this picture of Dani, Kathy, Jane, Cindy, and me on the new Metro Air Parkway crossing I-5:

Tuesday January 11. Cheryl, Leo, Kathy, Dani and I rode to Teal Bend and back:

Thursday January 13. Cheryl took this picture of Dani, Leo, and Kathy:

Friday January 14. Cheryl took this picture of Jane, Kathy, and Dani

Saturday January 15. Mayte, Cheryl and I rode to W Sacramento and back:

Your bike rides this week

Well, there haven’t been many. It’s been raining a lot. One text I received with the number of miles ridden said it was “too cold to take a picture.” However, one of our members just rode an e-bike for the first time. Carmen rode 20 miles up Mt Tohivea to Belvedere Lookout Pt on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia.

Carmen is second from the right.

Congratulations Carmen. What a great ride!

Your bike rides this week

If it’s not raining, get out there and ride. Thursday December 16. Cheryl and I rode:

Friday December 17. Cold but a very good ride to Sac State with Barbara, Kathy and Cheryl:

Saturday December 18. To Cherry Island and back with Cheryl and Leo. Yes, it was cold and foggy!

Your bike rides

Wednesday December 1. Leo took this picture of Rich, Cheryl, and Dani:

Saturday December 4. Cheryl at the Tweed Ride:

Sunday December 5. I took this picture of Cheryl and Barbara on E Levee Rd. Hansen Ranch Park is in the background.

Wednesday December 8. Cheryl, Gina, and Leo at the Natomas Fish Hatchery:

Thursday December 9. Dani, Barbara, Cheryl, Kathy:

Thursday night. Bike Party Christmas light ride. Rich and crew, me, Cheryl, Barbara, Mayte, Sergio and wife:

Friday December 10. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy, Jane, me, Rich at Scott’s Seafood:

Saturday December 11. I took this picture at Teal Bend Golf Course, a really good rest stop when we ride around the airport.

Jane looks on as Leo chooses today’s winners. Leo, what prize did they win?

Fingers crossed for riding next week, days of much-needed rain predicted.

Bike Party N Natomas

What a fun event! Carol and Ben contact the community through Facebook for periodic fun rides around the community. Since I’m not on FB, I just learned about the Christmas lights ride and invited others to join in. We met at Natomas Community Park and started the 5-mile ride at 7:00. A brief pre-ride talk by Carol:

Rockmont Circle:

Arlete’s BIG was well-represented. Rich brought several family members, Cheryl, Barbara, Mayte, Sergio and his wife:

We all really enjoyed this ride. Very different from what we usually do. I know we’ll do this again.

Ride with Gina

Leo, Cheryl, and I drove to Folsom for a 13-mile ride around Lake Natoma led by Gina Silvernale. It was cold and foggy but still lots of fun. Gina lives nearby and knows a lot about the area, so we made a few interesting stops. A heron rookery across the river:

An eagle’s nest:

A quite long cycle track made of driftwood by locals:

Hazel Ave bridge crossing the American River, the fish hatchery is to the left:

Check out the salmon jumping out of the water at the salmon ladder:

Cheryl, Gina, and Leo:

Thanks Gina, a great guided ride! After the ride, Leo headed back. Gina, Cheryl, and I had lunch at Karen’s Bakery. Omg, I loved what I had: pulled pork over black beans with a perfectly poached egg on top.

Time to celebrate

The sixth and final Zoom meeting for the first Better on Bikes classes was November 16 2020. That’s when I started a new Bicycle Interest Group with about 50 members. We started going for bike rides and I started tracking miles. I did a little assessment on November 16 2021. There are now 73 people who receive an email on Sundays with the next week’s ride schedule. 44 of them have actually gone on one or more bike rides for a total of 30,676 miles.

92% of the total accumulated miles were achieved by just 12 cyclists:

Definitely time to celebrate so I threw a little party on Friday afternoon:

Your bike rides

Wednesday November 17. Amal, Cheryl and I went for a ride:

Friday November 19. Barbara, Cheryl, and I went for a ride:

Saturday November 20. Cheryl, Barbara and Leo rode 45 miles total and had lunch in Freeport:

Sunday November 21. Cheryl, Jane and I went for a ride:

Monday November 22. Dani, Jane, Leo, and Cheryl:

Friday November 26. Leo took this picture of Cheryl and me on a downtown ride:

Saturday November 27. Leo took this picture of Cheryl and me on a ride through Natomas Community Park:

Sunday November 28. Cheryl, Barbara and me in front of LPAS Sacramento (where Thais works):

Monday November 29. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl and Leo:

Tuesday November 30. Leo took this picture of Kathy and Cheryl + an inquisitive friend in Elverta.

Thursday bike ride

I rode sweep with Cheryl, Cindy, Chris, Kathy, Dani, and Jane. There’s a new I-5 overpass called Metro Air Parkway, then north to Elverta Rd, west to Garden Highway, south toward home. Very little traffic and new roads made for a great 20-mile ride. This is one of the favorite routes for Arlete’s BIG.