Your bike rides this week

Sunday November 13. Brenda, Paul, Maria, JC:

Diana and Coletha:

Monday November 14. What a great bicycling day. There were 5 different rides with 14 people, total miles for the day = 199. I rode with Kathy and Roslyn – Roslyn’s FIRST ride ever with Arlete’s BIG. At our rest stop at Teal Bend Golf Course, we met Jean Marie and Ingrid.

Maria and Tony:

Kathy rode her trike later in the afternoon with Dani and Earldine:

Jim, Tracy, Brenda, Paul, Coletha:

Tuesday November 15. Brenda rode with Agueda and Minerva:

Ride with MOSAC: Andrea, Nathan, Barbara:

Wednesday November 16. I rode the Clarksburg Branch Trail in W Sacramento while I waited for a window on my suv to be repaired. Great ride, but the window is not fixed.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday November 6. Jim, Paul, and Brenda:

Jonathan took this picture of Elaine, Kathy, and Earldine:

Thursday November 10. Stacey, Elaine, Kathy:

Taken by Barbara on her afternoon ride:

Maria, Paul, me:

Veteran’s Day. Maria and Tony:

Friday November 11. Diana and Coletha:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday October 30. Shiloh:

Processed with Lensa with Magic Correction

Monday October 31. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy:

Tuesday November 1. Brenda in the foreground, Agueda, Stacey, and Elaine behind her:

Thursday November 3. Agueda, Elaine, Paul, Brenda:

Friday November 4. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl:

Saturday November 5 after Pedal Up Natomas ended at 11 am. Brenda, Tracy, me:

Your bike rides this week

Saturday October 22. Deb Banks/SABA, Brenda, Anne Geraghty/WaCo, Tracy at an e-bike event in W Sacramento:

Sunday October 23. Dani, Kathy, Earldine, Jonathan, Cindy, Elaine:


Jim, Brenda, Lennore:

Monday October 24. Brenda, Agueda, Maria, Tracy:

Tuesday October 25. Elaine, Jim, Paul, Agueda, Elaine:

Wednesday October 26. Paul and Brenda:

Thursday October 27. Jane and Cheryl:

Agueda, Paul, Brenda:

Friday October 28. Jean Marie and Ingrid:

Saturday October 29. Goal achieved! Congratulations especially to Jim, Agueda, Brenda, and Paul – they have been training for their latest goal – riding from Davis to Winters and back – about 27 miles. Leo organized the ride. Also on the ride but not pictured: Minerva, Becky, and Steven.

Your bike rides this week

Saturday October 15. Coletha and Diana:

Sunday October 16. Jim, Lennore, Brenda, Agueda, Paul:

Dani, Elaine, Earldean, Kathy:

Tuesday October 18. Diana and Coletha:

Short story: late Tuesday morning, Agueda had her locked bike stolen in front of Ross at Natomas Marketplace. Later that afternoon, Brenda spotted her bike next to a sleeping homeless man near Inderkum High School, called Agueda who drove over and verified the bike was indeed hers. They quietly picked up the bike and walked away. Agueda got her bike back minus a few accessories about 4 hours after it was stolen. In the early evening, Brenda went for a bike ride with Jim and Paul who titled the incident “Crime fighter by day, bike rider at night.”

Wednesday October 19. Dani, Cheryl, Jane:

Friday October 21. Dani, Kathy, Jane, Cheryl:

Diana and Coletha:

Saturday October 22. Paul, Jim, Maria:

The following picture is NOT Dani, Kathy, Jane and Cheryl after their long ride:

Your bike rides this week

Saturday October 8. Paul and Jim:

After Brenda left the Pedal Up Natomas class at 11-ish, she took advantage of Saddle Up Saturday. She rode to Panera, had lunch, and will receive a $15 gift card to Raley’s/Bel Air grocery stores.

Barbara and Cheryl rode to Dave’s Market in W Sacramento and enjoyed just-fried doughnuts.

Spotted in the Wilhaggin neighborhood:

Sunday October 9. Elaine and me:

Monday October 10. After a stop at Kaiser, I rode with Barbara and Kathy to Scott’s before heading back.

Later in the afternoon, I rode with MOSAC – Barbara Nathan and Andrea:

Coletha, Jim, Brenda, Maria, Diana. Three from Pedal Up Natomas, one from Better on Bikes, and Brenda has completed both classes.

Thursday October 13. Diana and Coletha:

Saturday October 15. Maria, Jim, Paul, Brenda:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday October 2. Jonathan took this picture of Earldene, Elaine, Dani, Stacey, Donna, and Ray:

Monday October 3.


On Terri’s morning ride:

Thursday October 6. Dani, Jane, Cindy:

Thank you Barbara for riding to Discovery Park and volunteering for SABA on Thursday. Aftershock is a huge rock concert with (of course) horrible parking. SABA will provide free bike valet for hundreds of bikes over the next 4 days.

Friday October 7. Kathy, Cheryl, Jane, Barbara, Dani:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday September 24. The easy-going trike morning trike ride with a stop for coffee. Dani, Kathy, Stacey, me, Jonathan, Elaine:

Monday September 25. Terri, Kathy, Dani:

Tuesday September 27. Cheryl, Dani, Jane:

In the evening, I rode with Agueda, Brenda, Elaine, and Barbara:

Wednesday September 28. Jane, Cheryl, Dani:

Thursday September 29. Barbara, Jane, Kathy, Dani, Cheryl:

Friday September 30. Me and Barbara:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday September 18. Brenda, Jim, Lennore:

Monday September 19. Braving the wind, cold and rain, Jane and Cheryl:

Tuesday September 20. Jane, Cheryl, Kathy, Leo:

Brenda, Agueda, Lennore, me:

Thursday September 22. Terri:

Friday September 23. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy, Jane:

Saturday September 24. Dani, Kathy, Jane:

Your bike rides this week

Sunday September 11. Barbara in Monterey:

Monday September 12. Barbara, Cheryl, Jane:

Tuesday September 13. Dani, Kathy, Barbara, Jane, Cheryl on 17 Mile Drive:

Wednesday September 14.

Thursday September 15. Terri, me, Cindy:

Friday September 16. Riding in Cayucos, Kathy:

And Dani:

I returned Ray’s recumbent trike today (I’d borrowed it while I had the broken wrist) and he gave me a ride home on his 2-person e-trike. Ray and Donna do all their grocery shopping with this trike:

Saturday September 17. Thank you Jeorgianna for promoting bicycling in N Natomas – today was her Jibe photo shoot.

Today was the first Pedal Up Natomas class .. and I didn’t take a single picture – too busy teaching, I guess. Brenda was in the class, she rode to and from Inderkum HS.