Your bike rides this week

Ingrid at Heritage Oak Grove:

Jean Marie near Peregrine Park:

Barbara took this picture of Dani, Cheryl, and Leo at the Guy West Bridge:

Cheryl repeated the Tour of W Sacramento ride from March 20 with Dani, Kathy and Jane:

Today, Cheryl, Dani, and Kathy rode to Cherry Island:

Go team!

Your bike rides this week

This is great news. Even though I’m not there, ride leaders have stepped up and are leading rides every day of the week. Wednesday, March 31 – 24 miles – Cheryl, Jane, Carmen, and Kathy:

Thursday, April 1 – 29 miles – Barbara, Kathy, Cheryl, and Jonathan:

Friday April 2 – 24 miles – Lee and Barbara:

Saturday April 3 – 23 miles – Dani, Kathy, Jane, Jonathan, Barbara, and Cheryl:

Office Hours

A huge thank-you to Jonathan, Barbara, Cheryl, and Leo (Better on Bikes 1) meeting up with Shila, Stacy, and Jodi (Better on Bikes 2) at Inderkum HS to go on a group ride and practice skills.

University Town Loop

We have found the best west-to-east route across downtown Sacramento. R Street bike/ped ramp over I-5, then jog one block over to Q Street, a one-way street with a protected bike lane.

About to ride across the Guy West Bridge at Sac State. Dani, Leo, Barbara, Cheryl:

We followed the American River Bike Trail back to Discovery Park and home. 29 miles.


Today I needed to test a route called Tour of W Sacramento. Pre-rides mean you might get lost, have to re-route, maybe meet someone, or re-ride certain sections. Today we started at WaCo,

found 3 Sisters Garden,

met Alfred, the manager of 4 community gardens in W Sacramento,

and rode the paved section of the Clarksburg Branch Trail. A 10-mile route but we rode 26 miles miles altogether.

Thank you Leo, Barbara, and Cheryl for your patience and sense of adventure:

International Women’s Day

A three-day bicycling celebration. SABA uploaded the following pictures to social media and to the IWD website on behalf of our riding group.

Saturday: me, Cindy, and Cheryl on E Levee Rd. Hansen Ranch Park in background. Jonathan took the picture.

Sunday: Office Hours for Better on Bikes. Leo and JoAnne:

Maria and Cherry:


Monday: a great 29-mile ride through downtown to Sac State, then the American River Parkway back to Discovery Park and home. Photo by Leo. Cheryl, Kathy, me, Carmen, Jane, Barbara:

Needless to say, we ROCK!

BoB 1 + BoB 2

This was our first combined bike ride with the participants from Better on Bikes sessions 1 and 2. Some of us rode over to Wild Rose Park and met a few people from BoB 2 who live on the east side of I-5. Then we rode a 10-mile loop. It was great to see everyone getting to know each other, lots of riding tips were shared. Cheryl, Jane, Jonathan, Leo, Terry, Maria, Cathy, Dani, Kathy: