ELPAC training

English Language Proficiency Assessments for California. This one-day refresher course is required before we can begin testing. One of the retired teachers in the room thought our presenter was perhaps an anesthesiologist because “he really puts me to sleep.”

We had to do an additional 2 hours on our own, online, taking the calibration quizzes to qualify to be a tester.

Sophia Avery Carson & Lola

Thais and Lenin went out to dinner tonight and I got to stay with the kids. Lola joined us.
Sophia and Lola created an elaborate scenario and built their own “home” surrounded by a fence. After about an hour, Avery came downstairs and said, “I’m not going to play that anymore. It’s hard being the dog.”


at Four Seasons Westshore. They were going to cancel if no one volunteered. So I volunteered. I was lucky because another very-experienced resident was also there to help.
I set up my lap top, projector and screen and showed a looping slideshow of the Chili Cook Off and 50 Bikes for 50 Kids.
This Friday, the group was quite small. (Yay, less clean up at the end!)
Crete Island neighbors, Leslie, Judy, and Silvana: