Aulani – day 4

In the morning, we went across the street to check out some shops. While we were having lunch, we met a Disney cast member, Michael – nice young man – among his duties is being a Japanese translator. There were LOTS of Japanese guests. He shared that there are only 300 chairs around the various pools so getting them and keeping them can get competitive. (Another factoid: Aulani staff launder 2300 beach towels every day.)
In the evening, we all went to dinner at Monkeypod.

Aulani – day 3

Stand-up paddleboard day.

Carson was so taken with Ade. First question every morning, “Where’s Adrienne?” Pronounced “ade-wee-en.”

In the evening, a luau.

Taro to pound:
Great food and entertainment.

To Oahu

On Saturday we flew to Oahu in the afternoon and took a shuttle to Aulani – a Disney resort.
1000 rooms, about 4000 registered guests (97% occupancy!).

Thais, Lenin and family arrived a few hours earlier along with the Krals: Jeff, Leah (Lenin’s sister), their two kids and Cameron (daughter of Lenin’s brother Connie). We are a group of 12!