Lunch with friends

Peter and Suzanne Price invited me for lunch and shopping in Winters. We ate at Putah Creek Cafe.

It’s not often when you find a croque madame on a menu. Definitely a must-order.

And the shopping was a quilt shop a few door away. And a yarn shop across the street! Suzanne also sews and loves fabric as much as I do.

What a fun outing!


A sample of the Del Castillo sports schedule. Thursday:

Saturday morning:

Saturday afternoon:

Sunday morning:

I didn’t go to Avery’s Sunday @ 7pm game. Busy kids.

Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

On Tuesday. Phyllis has been staying with me since January 12 – really just spending the night in the guest bedroom – she’s been visiting LOTS of friends and family. Today was reserved for Thursday at Merrilyn’s. Bacon cheese pull-aparts and Garlic buttered grilled shrimp:

Surprise: Jack Nolan came by, looking for Merrilyn’s husband Bob:

Dessert! Homemade raspberry sherbet and brownies:

A now-rare reunion of the three of us! We miss you, Phyl!

Later that evening, I moved my towel collection around which meant I had to climb to the third step of a ladder. Thanks Phyl for being there to call 911 if needed … lol ..

School holiday

Martin Luther King Jr Holiday. Lenin dropped off Sophia, Avery, and Carson mid-morning. Sophia and Avery immediately went to their winter nest:

Carson and I put together a puzzle:

Then he watered plants.

All the plants.

We went to Chipotle for lunch.