Lunch with friends

Peter and Suzanne Price invited me for lunch and shopping in Winters. We ate at Putah Creek Cafe.

It’s not often when you find a croque madame on a menu. Definitely a must-order.

And the shopping was a quilt shop a few door away. And a yarn shop across the street! Suzanne also sews and loves fabric as much as I do.

What a fun outing!


A sample of the Del Castillo sports schedule. Thursday:

Saturday morning:

Saturday afternoon:

Sunday morning:

I didn’t go to Avery’s Sunday @ 7pm game. Busy kids.

Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

On Tuesday. Phyllis has been staying with me since January 12 – really just spending the night in the guest bedroom – she’s been visiting LOTS of friends and family. Today was reserved for Thursday at Merrilyn’s. Bacon cheese pull-aparts and Garlic buttered grilled shrimp:

Surprise: Jack Nolan came by, looking for Merrilyn’s husband Bob:

Dessert! Homemade raspberry sherbet and brownies:

A now-rare reunion of the three of us! We miss you, Phyl!

Later that evening, I moved my towel collection around which meant I had to climb to the third step of a ladder. Thanks Phyl for being there to call 911 if needed … lol ..

School holiday

Martin Luther King Jr Holiday. Lenin dropped off Sophia, Avery, and Carson mid-morning. Sophia and Avery immediately went to their winter nest:

Carson and I put together a puzzle:

Then he watered plants.

All the plants.

We went to Chipotle for lunch.

Swimming and gymnastics

I hadn’t been to one of Carson’s swim lessons in a long time and I was amazed at the progress he’d made.

It was a short drive to Carson’s next activity. Avery asked if he could “ride with Grandma.” Of course! As soon as we left, I began to hear subliminal messages coming from the backseat. Slowly the messages became louder – Starbucks … Starbucks … Starbucks. Avery, should we go to Starbucks? “Yes!” But you have to finish it before we get to gymnastics, I don’t want anyone to feel left out and it’s only a couple of miles away. “I can do that!” So we got his favorite, a caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino, and he began drinking it very fast. Avery, don’t drink it so fast, you might get one of those ice cream headaches. I’ll drive slowly. “That’s a good idea.” Maybe I should put some gas in the car? “Yeah, you should do that.” LOL. We parked, but didn’t go in right away so he could finish. I love these Avery moments!

Carson graduated from the Mini class to the Kinder 1 class and he got to ring the bell.

Pretzels Beer and Brats

This morning I made a third batch of Bavarian salted pretzels, 48 in total.
In the afternoon, I grilled brats and made the beer cheese sauce. At 5pm, my neighbor Lorraine and I met with Jessica, the activities director to learn (again) how to set up for a TGIF.

There was a wonderful variety of dishes. Some brought German dishes, like German potato salad, red cabbage, sauerkraut, German chocolate cake. Everything was delicious.

We also did a blind beer tasting:

Lorraine with her beer-drinking vessel

Then a few people told beer stories.

Phil Jackson

Michael Woodcheke

Another interesting beer story came later through the community email group, from Stan. Today, January 17 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of Prohibition.